Friday, July 31, 2015

When is time for couples to make love?

Good day madam and good day to you all AVL friends...... 
Please Aunty i would love your advice on this. 
And please notify me when posted cos its about to wreck a home of a friend who just wedded. 
When is the right time for couple to have sex in the morning is it before or after morning prayers? 
Cos my friend's wife is trying to bring spirituality into their sex life. 
I advised them based on my own understanding but the wife is not satisfied with my advice,she insisted that it must be after prayers,that sex can hinder God answering. 
I told her that since they are married that it doesnt matter when,how or where they do it that before God its no longer a sin. 
Both of them are members of this forum. 
Thanks and God bless. 

Dear sender, 
God bless you for your commitment to seeing the family prosper and celebrate their marriage. 
I believe God that yours shall be glorious. 
The best time for couples to have sex whether in the morning, noon or night is when the couple have need for each other. 
It doesn't matter the church position or the office responsibilities of the partners, if the other partner be it the wife or the husband have need for sexual fulfilment, God desires and demands that the other offer his or her body to the other partner as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable and sweet smelling treasure to the other partner. 
Depriving the other partner of their sexual need will naturally hinder your prayers so there's no need defending yourself with prayers. 
The Bible only stated that you can abstain from sex as married couple with MUTUAL CONSENT FOR A PERIOD OF TIME TO FAST AND PRAY and after that, the couple should reunite so as not to give room to the devil for temptations. 
Dear wife, what will it profit you to dishonour your husband and watch him groan in pains of his sexual need. 
Have you forgotten that he's your head and you were to submit your body to him as unto God? 
Please do not destroy your home with such an excuse. 
It is both selfish and sincerely unacceptable. 
As long as you are wholly married to him, you can make love to him before morning prayers and after morning devotion. 
I hope that you will make amends and help your husband become a happy and spiritually secure gentle man. 

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