Saturday, August 1, 2015

Is he telling me something?

Good evening Mrs Amara  please I need help from you and all avlites.
Have been in a relationship for almost three years now but I sometimes doubt my boyfriend's love,I mean if its real love should there be any doubt cause he sometimes do some things that makes it very hard for me to trust him.
I was going through his phone this morning and I saw some things that really hurt me.
Now I know you always advice to not go through our partner phone but how can I stop when every time I stop and I just go to his phone innocently to look at my pictures or browse I always see something bad then I start snooping again,last month I saw a chat with a girl that he asked out I mean a girl we both know and the girl said no,like a week later he asked her to come visiting while I was there when the girl arrived I asked her if my boyfriend asked her out and she said yes in front of my boyfriend well he begged me and I forgave him but I later saw a chat with this same girl and my boyfriend painting me as a villain to her I mean he always apologize should I always forgive or his he stylishly telling me he's not interested anymore cause I saw something of that nature this morning again on his phone asking a girl out,begging another for her pin and number and so on and the excuse he always gives for that is that he want to give it to his friends.
You guys should please help me.

Dear sender, 
Even if match making was his job or hobby, there are limits to what he can do in a relationship with a lady. 
He cannot continue to ask you for forgiveness when he feels that he's right and continues with the same attitude. 
How will he always apologise and still engage in emotionally torturing you by engaging other girls for a date. 
The main reason why it is not healthy for one to innocently snoop at the phone of a partner is because it is an indication of little or no trust in your partner's personality. 
It also makes look like you were in a competition with other ladies and most times reduce your self appreciation. 
If you have to always keep to his phone to be assured of his love, it then means that you cannot be comfortable without observing his phone. 
You don't need the phone of a partner to know who the partner is and what he/she is capable of doing. 
However you need to do yourself a great favour by keeping a great distance from him and possibly rebuild your esteem so as to help you focus on what's more valuable and healthier than hanging around an inconsistent man. 
Maybe when he's done with organising ladies for his friends, then he would decide on what's best for him and the relationship. 

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