Saturday, August 1, 2015

I don't feel connected to him.

Dear Amara,

I need you advise, I have being dating my boyfriend for a year and one month. Am getting close to my thirty by next year, I never thought I would be writing this to you.
Anyways back to the burning issue my boyfriend and I fight sometimes and laugh sometimes. I love him but there's just something missing in the relationship.
I seems not to be able to talk to him about how I feel cause he doesn't listen. But then I try so hard not to complain, but how can I date a guy am not happy with or I can't talk to?
He has a password on his phone and he will never allow me into his private life. I feel like he's dating or cheating on me but I can't prove it, so I am stuck!
Have asked him several times why he hasn't introduced me to his family, he said I can't push him to do what ever he's not ready to do until his ready.
As much as I am not pushing or desperate, I need intimacy and emotional connection which I feel am not getting at the moment.
Am really trying not to end my relationship on me being paranoid.
However I don't think he respect this relationship and am done wasting my time.

Your advise would be appreciated and would be delighted if my details could be kept private and please let me know when it's being posted.

Kind Regards.

Dear sender, 
No body wishes to visit a medical doctor but God has brought them to encourage, support and advice us on how best to take good care of our health, same with counsellors, God brought them to support you and encourage you when you are emotionally in need of someone to talk to who cares about you and will be honest with you without compromising on the truth. 
In one year of a new born baby, he's already walking around, scattering anything he could touch or play with. 
He delights in walking and will do everything possible to walk. 
If you are in a relationship with a man for a year plus and you cannot figure out what the essence of the relationship is all about, you cannot connect with him emotionally and psychologically and you have no clue where the relationship is heading, my dear I feel that you may need to get down from the sheep and ask yourself where you wish to go or ask for directions. 
However I must stress that for the fact that you had no access to his phone doesn't mean that he's cheating or that he has some secret to keep but it may be his principles to keep his phone out of reach for any reason best known to him. 
You need to learn to relate with a man without feeling insecure all because he doesn't allow you to touch his phone. 
Personally I feel it's boring for partners to be investigating mobile handset when they could be discussing anything else or be celebrating each other. 
There's more to invest our time in whenever you are with your partner than worry about what's in a mobile phone 
That being said, I feel the you may be hanging out with a man who isn't in a haste to go anywhere nor have anywhere in mind to go with you. 
So deciding to wait for him would be at your own risk. 
Take some time and seek God's face, then schedule to talk with him and please do pour your heart to him so that the relationship could be redefined. 
If you are scared and afraid to talk with him, then you may as well relate with someone else who cherishes and respects you and someone who you are free with and happy to be with. 
In the end, your happiness is your responsibility, it's worth everything, please do not settle for anything less. 

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