Thursday, July 16, 2015

He leaves aroused and abandoned

Good day Aunty Amara! 
Please I need your advice before I do something I will regret for the rest of my life. Am six months in marriage (traditionally) to a lovely,handsome and a wonderful guy whom I didn't have sex with before marriage,but my problem is that he's not romantic at all,and he's not sexually active on bed. 
Most of the times am the one that makes the first move while he will lay down like a tree without romancing me,the highest thing he will do is play with my nips and the next is sex. Again he doesn't stay upto three minutes,leaving me aroused and abandoned. 
I have talked to him about it and he said that he's not good at romancing,he even promised to change with time,not that am not beautiful or neat. 
Please Aunty I need your advice before I do something I will regret, which I don't want to cos I love and respect my husband.

Dear sender,
Mountain climbing isn't a running journey but where you walk with endurance, patience, tolerance and wisdom same with marriage.
I understand what you are experiencing and it may be as a result of the orientation he had before getting married to you.
It's possible that he doesn't know one or two things he should do or say to move this precious body to the pleasure world.
Sweetheart, they said that if the mountain fails to come to the Mohamed, then he would have no option but to go to the mountain.
This is where you would need to give him on the job training so that you will revive the man in him as you desire.
Tonight prepare his favourite meal, dress him up in the best outfit, when he returns from work, shower with him and give some lovely massage.
Then proceed to the second course meal.
Play with the balls to your pleasure and massage the big boy gently with love and care.
Play with his nips and grab his chest as though there's a hidden treasures within (of course there is... Lol)
Then observe the boiling point of his instrument before sliding in for a bumpy ride.
Go slow and gradually increase the speed limit with time.
Experiment different positions and ask him how he feels about the journey.
When the steam is down, return to gentle reminder romance.
Relax with him and simply whisper, sweet heart, can we do this one more time? Give him a lot of mouth action and feed him should he be thirsty (I feel he should be).
Remind him of the hero he is and will always be.
He will put your name in his wall of fame as the best wife in the universe.
It's not time to think of doing something crazy but it's time to welcome your husband home (I mean if you don't, who will)
Please teach your husband how to use his tools to get the job done.
Tell him what to do and lovingly guide his hands to the areas where the heat is itching you, I mean you shouldn't be shy about that.
Help him to keep the time by not allowing him run the well when the instruments has not been properly greased.
God made marriage for you to explore and enjoy not only pot of soup but also pot of pleasure.
Take your time and baptize your husband.
You will be glad you did.
Testimony is allowed if you wish to.
All the best and happy married life to you.


  1. This guy has premature ejaculation. See the doctor for it. There are both medical and conservative treatment for it.

  2. Aunt Amara you are just great, a blessing to our generation

  3. A husband's job is to satisfy his wife,and vice versa whether he likes 'romancing' or not. Listen to Aunty Amara,and do the needful. And,if medical attention is needed,then seek it. For additional tips,google Aunty FUNMI AKINGBADE,and read up on her work. Goodluck! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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