Thursday, July 16, 2015

Does the girl love me truly?

Good day ma,how is the family ma? I bring you warmest and most sincere greetings for shaping lives on this platform. 
please I have a lingering worries and this use to cause me a lot of secret pains. I am a man of 27 years and believes i have a very bright destiny. 
The issue is during my 3rd year in the university, I have been mere friends with a girl. I love her so much and she knows it well through my always being there for her,my sacrificial acts and love professions and gifts to her. 
The issue is I have severally made moves to her to take the relationship to the next level for over three years now yet she always bluntly told me she can never have anything to do with me. 
I have cried so much in my closet because of this. It breaks my joy each time I remember her. Ma,I can lay down my life for this girl but she doesn't like going extra mile for me. 
And candidly,she is very mean,hard,hot tempered easily,most times shout and nags me whenever i offend her. 
During my finals,there was a day we were together in my room only,I tried kissing and touching her,she slapped me severally and ran away. 
I later be begged her for days. 
She gave me THREE conditions i must fufill before he forgive me. they are 
(1) Give her #2000 for her hair 
(2) Write an undertaken never to try it again 
(3) Go and meet one of her close friend and ask her what she wants. she has poured me hot water three different times each time we had crisis. 
She has deeply hurt me before months .
please does the girl love me truly? 
Is she my true friend all this while? we are still friends till now. 
And she has told me that she will walk away from my life anytime I ask her out. 
please help ma! Am hurting daily over this. 
Am sorry for the long write up ma. Thanks ma!

Dear sender,
Please I am personally praying that God will deliver you from this mess you called relationship.
Mere reading this got me thinking what exactly has beclouded your conscience and that of reason.
You cannot call this love but emotional torture and how you managed to overcome remains a miracle really.
I know that you love her so much but why have you failed to love yourself so little?
Brother why?
Why can't you appreciate your life and be grateful to God for making you a man not a feather?
Please I will candidly suggest that you give that lady a very long distance, if you can which I hope you should, open the door wide and let her know that you need the wind of change in your life.
I would understand that she she is playing hard to get but to slap and give you conditions? Nope that was inappropriate of a responsible and respectful lady to do.
I am sincerely feeling your pains because I can only imagine all you had experienced as a result.
Please wear your integrity and self esteem and receive the free gift of God's love.
Any lady who makes you feel like you do not deserve to be loved doesn't deserve the seconds of your time.
Please don't live in the cage feeling that no lady will appreciate and celebrate you,that's a lie from the pit of hell.
In fact many ladies all over the world (lol) are praying to have a man who would not not say the sweet nothings to please their ears but is willing to go the extra mile to be there for them.
It's time you go for love and not a manipulative lady.
You are sincerely better off without her around you.
But then the choice is yours what you feel is the best for you.
I pray that God shall favour you with the best in your journey to meet the partner that you yearn for.


  1. Bros I feel liking slapping u too, how can u call dis lobe, she doesn't like u and will never like u. Pls wake up and move on with ur life,quit that nonsense cuz it's not friendship and it can never be love either. May God help u.

  2. My man,could you please kick this girl out of your life? She is not fit to be a part of your life. Any relationship that keeps pulling out this level of foolishness,and stupidity in you,is neither healthy for your life,nor your future. Go and learn SELF-RESPECT & SELF-CONTROL. You need plenty of them! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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