Sunday, July 26, 2015

He refused to give me transport fares.

Good evening mama, may God Almighty bless you and your family in Jesus name amen, mama please advice me on this issue.
I have a date am dating, he promised that he was going to marry me, since two years when I was in finanal year in school.
Every month he kept on telling me he was coming for my introduction, up to five times,he did not come.
I lost my father, I told him he did not come for the burial.
Another one, I had a very fatal accident, which kept me in the hospital for a month, he didn't see me for a day.
After my father's burial and accident I told him the marriage (*relationship I guess) was over, but he begged me, I forgave him in my heart, but the one that pains me is, am serving now in Delta state, he invited me, I came to his house, so he wanted to make love to me, I refused because of that he refused to give me transport to go back to Delta state. 
I really suffered that day, he still begged me again, and he has been calling my line I refused to pick it.
Please mama, advice me your daughter am confused. God bless you mama.

Dear sender,
I am sorry for the death of your dad and the accident that you had some months ago.
I thank God who has spared your life and has always been there for you when those you loved were far away from you.
If he couldn't attend the burial of your dad nor could he visit you when you had an accident, I do not know why you thought that he loved you and felt that he may marry you.
It sounds a bit ridiculous that you even decided to visit him.
Please I would suggest that you forget about the man and face your future.
Focus on improving yourself, spiritually, financially, and emotionally.
Please use the platform that NYSC provides to acquire some skills and trainings that will make you independent when you conclude the program.
All the best.

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  1. Dear,RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. You are being manipulated. Never go into a relationship with a man into whose hands you cannot comfortably put your life. Yes,you love him,but HE IS THE WRONG MAN FOR YOU. Don't sign up for pain. Don't wait to repair a bad marriage; AVOID IT! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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