Tuesday, July 7, 2015

He's nonchalant about our relationship.

Aunty Amara good afternoon, am new here.
Am 25 years and my boyfriend is 31 years. 
We have been dating for a year plus now. 
I love him so much that i can do anything for him but there is a character he always display, he's not jealous of anything, nothing disturbs him about me even the ones he supposed to do as a boyfriend he doesn't do it rather am the one spending on him, and he is a business man, and i was the one that disturbed him of meeting his people and he took me to his mother and introduce me as a friend not even girlfriend. 
And when I lost my step sister i told him to call my step mother to say sorry and his answer was "is it necessary?" 
Even when my own mum came back to Nigeria she fell sick and I told my boyfriend to come and see her, he refused by saying his not in a good mood to see her, he doesn't even want to know anything about my family or to know more about me. 
Just last week my mum bought me a phone and i gave him the one am using, so it was yesterday he went through my messages on the phone i gave to him and he saw my chat with friends and the chat was just normal chatting like hi love, and there is nothing attached to it, he said that he was not jealous of the chat that he was angry because i called someone the name i used to call him. 
I really apologized yesterday for the chat and since then he has been acting funny. 
And i don't know what to do anymore! 
Please Aunty Amara i need your advice and am sorry for the long write up

Dear sender,
When a man treats you like he doesn't care, truly he cares less about you.
When a child is giving what he doesn't like,he generously give it to his mum, siblings or friends but when you want to share what he loves with another,he would literally fight with you.
If children being naive and innocent guard what they love and cherish, then something is simply not right with the man you are dating.
My feelings may be wrong but I feel he has another lady he has devoted his heart and time to while you push him around and force yourself on him.
I mean if he couldn't introduce you as his girlfriend then why are you frustrating yourself around him and how long are you willing to do this with him?
Is he doing you a favour by loving you?
If he doesn't appreciate your personality, give attention to you, desire your presence, communicated with you and make out time for you, my dear its time for you to reconsider and do the needful.
It's not just enough to love a man ,he needs to own the relationship to enable you feel the peace, happiness and fulfilment that comes with loving someone who truly appreciates you.
As for what he read, I make nothing out of it but a way to tag you with something and then torture you emotionally.


  1. Hmmm......,dear,has he proposed to you? Has he proposed marriage to you and did you accept? Until a man proposes marriage to you and you accept,you are JUST A FRIEND O. Please,don't be deceived.

    A Relationship ONLY begins after a marriage proposal has been accepted. I repeat: A Relationship ONLY begins after a marriage proposal has been accepted. You enter a man's life AFTER he has proposed marriage,and you have accepted. It is foolish to go into a man's life to pray and hope and pray,and fast,and even cry and worry and even push for a marriage proposal and plans. It is wrong. I think you should give him some space let him come for you if he really wants you. If he doesn't come,then good riddance to bad rubbish.
    WARNING: LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP WORK. Are you really comfortable with this kind of guy for a husband? Can you comfortably put your life in his hands? Can he bring out the best in you? Can he mentor you? Is he challenging you to grow and improve? Are you today better,wiser,smarter,healthier,and more skilful because of him? PLEASE,THINK.....AND,THINK AGAIN!

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  2. Is you that dating the guy the guy isn't dating u,to me u are u a backup plan for him as he has his own real gurl.take heed dead


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