Tuesday, July 7, 2015

He's not my kind of man

Good evening ma.I am 29 years old. 
I met a widower recently though he's not my kind of man and I don't feel anything for him yet but he's talking marriage and he can take care of me.
My fear is that I have heard people say that when a man lose his wife that he's also going to lose the second and third and vice versa.
Yesterday my pastor's wife also confirmed the story that it happened to someone she knows and advised me to pray very well. 
Don't really know what to do please post.

Dear sender,
It would be simply unfair to judge a widower with hearsay and opinions of men.
That a man lost his wife doesn't make him a murderer nor does it mean that any lady who gets married to him would die before him.
Can you really say same for a lady whose husband lost his life?
Doesn't he deserve love and affection anymore and what made you feel that the opinions of men is more authentic than God's approval?
Have you really knelt down to seek the face of God concerning this? Or you don't feel its necessary?
Instead of dwelling on your fears, find out who he is,what his vision in life is, his attitude to others and his relationship with God.
Find out what happened to his wife and how you could help him heal of his pains and disappointments of losing a loved one.
He doesn't need a lady who will pity or manage him.
He doesn't need a lady who see him as a stop gap to meeting her husband.
If you aren't convinced that is the best for you, then do well and let him know so that he can find a lady who will help him become a better man.
Most often God may not give us the flashy things so as to enable look beyond what we see and discern what we truly value and appreciate.

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