Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I can't continue this way!

I am a silent reader.. 
please God continue to bless you.. 
I am in a very critical point in my life and need some advice... 
I am a sad lady 26 years old and a graduate.. 
I have grown to hate the family in which I have found myself in.. They insist I marry from my tribe.. and presently I stay with an uncle who has been selfish.. 
The condition in the house is terrible and now I want to walk away.. 
But he is against it cos of the benefit to his family.. 
My case is worst cos am not even allowed to keep a relationship.. I can't continue this way.. 
Please I need your input on this.

Dear sender,
The family you found yourself in is the best that God has blessed you with.
In as much as the circumstances or challenges you experienceexperience today may not be as you wished for but God knew better than anyone else and chose your family for you even before you were born.
Be grateful at least for family, there are many who have none.
When the umbilical cord was cut from your mother's womb, you became independent of your own thoughts, ideologies, decisions, desires and your destiny.
At 26,you are old enough to know your identity, make your decisions take some risks, dare to be great or at least for something better.
If you have to depend on those around you to be happy, unfortunately they will only make you miserable.
Nobody cares as much as you care about yourself and nobody knows you as much as you do.
Your parents and relatives are only there to suggest and encourage you but you are the one to decide which path to take in life.
If you need me to tell you when to move, then you would come back to ask where to go.
It's time to bring your vision to reality, take some brave steps and try something different if not difficult.
Look unto God and tap all the energy and grace you need,believe in yourself and in your vision.
If God has destined a man from another tribe to be your husband, you cannot place your family above that of God else you may regret it later in life.
Isn't it funny that those who doesn't want you to keep a relationship are married and happy?
I hope you would wake up today and be the lady you so much believed in.
All the best


  1. In addition to what Aunty Amara said,I will suggest you pay closer attention to your personal development and increasing your Wisdom level. I have noticed that parents and relatives tend to misbehave more,and step over their boundaries when over the years you have not demonstrated much your ability to be different and independent-minded....that ability to think for yourself and take responsibility for your choices.....that ability to 'belong to everybody,and belong to nobody'(hahahahaha). It's nothing to worry about - Take out time to build up yourself,acquire not just Wisdom,but higher Wisdom(for accelerated growth). When you grow,you will outgrow them and they will not be able to hold you down. Your words will become law,and your decisions,sacred and final. I wish you the best.

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