Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How can I help him improve?

Good day Ma. Am a lady of 25 years currently serving in thenNorth. 
He is 30 years and working as a Security in a Government Parastatal. 
He loves me so much and can do anything for me. 
Since i met him, he had neva done anything to hurt me or make me sad. He possess all the qualites i desire in a man and i wish to get married to him. 
Now the problem is that he is an o'level holder and he isn't fluent in spoken english, please how can I help him improve educationally and mentally. 

Dear sender,
I appreciate your sincerity and devotion to helping him become a better man educationally and mentally.
One of the things that you have to appreciate in life is that circumstances and challenges of life made some people unable to achieve as much as others did.
So helping him to improve shows that you genuinely love and believe in his personality.
Begin by getting him a small story books that he can finish within days or weeks.
When he speaks, correct him with love and care whenever he makes mistakes.
Suggest for a weekend programmes where he can learn English and speak with ease.
At your leisure, take him out maybe to see a movie and learn more about life and be exposed .
Continually encourage him to become a better man, if he can enroll for a weekend programmes in school, it will be to his benefit and your advantage depending on his funds and his vision as a man.
With your support and encouragement, I believe he would become a better man in all ramifications of life.
Do not be discouraged by his status today, your presence may spur him to become a great man in life.

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