Tuesday, July 7, 2015

He wants me back with no conditions

Dear Amara, good day!  
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I was into a relationship that got me two kids, living with the man for years and later separated without him doing the custom rites. He's not been very supportive. He's been inconsistent in helping out with the kids. 
He got married to another lady who hasn't been able to bear kids for him in years. 
Recently, he started communicating with us and I noticed he still has some soft spot for I and our kids . 
I also developed same. He is asking that we get back without stating the condition of the other woman he married traditionally. 
Well, what I want as a person is to let go of whatever has happened and allow my kids enjoy fatherly love cos they are grown kids and can understand everything now. 
He has promised getting us an apartment and also will start footing all our bills cos he said he really wants us back. 
I don't really care if the other lady stays as far as we not in the same house. advice please.

Dear sender,
The pride and the glory of a woman is that a man loved her so much to labour and pay her bride prize.
If God in his wisdom paid our prize on the cross of Calvary, every man who legitimately desire the company of a woman as wife must as a result of courtesy, appreciation and respect for her family pay the bride prize of the wife.
And whenever he does that, he wouldn't need to rent an apartment for you as an intruder or a stranger to his home.
Instead you will live with him as man and wife.
That is how God ordained it.
If he is not willing to do that, then he may as well forget about desiring you back.
He isn't doing you any favour by bringing you back home and by extension his children.
He is only doing that after she abused you, rejected and embarrassed you by marrying another lady only to remain with no child after that.
Do not reduce your value because of his empty promises.
You are not competing with his wife but only protecting the interest of your children.
God is faithful, and will make all things to work in your favour.

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  1. Hello! In this case I'm almost short of words because he has made you pass through a lot and now wants you back. Now I'm worried because I don't know if he wants you back because his new wife is unable to give him a child. I don't really know what to think because that soft spot might have something attached to it. Anyway I don't really know what his custom says about having two women but if truly you believe he is changed and feels the need to be close to his children, then he will have to carry out the normal rites of marriage, but in all you do, seek God.

    I wish you well.


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