Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I want to leave him!

Good day aunty Amara and everyone in the house. 
We didn't have peace in our family last year/early this year because my younger sister who is 25 years old and still a jambite was getting married and my elder brother wasn't in support of the marriage.
He said she must be a graduate and must get married to a graduate. 
That my brother stays in London and he's the only person taking care of /providing for my family . 
That my sister wedded this year and he's still not happy with her and my parents for allowing my sister who was not a graduate get married to a non graduate. 
Now the problem is this,there's this guy I'm dating. 
He's not a graduate but he's doing well in his business.
We really love each other. He came for introduction last week and my parents accepted him but that my elder brother refused. 
He said i must marry a graduate. Though he is the one that sponsored me from first year till i graduated. 
I dont want what happened in my family last time during my sister's marriage to repeat itself. 
I want to leave the guy, and i dont know how to do that without hurting him. 
please i really need your advice.

Dear sender,
No doubt that your brother has good intentions for you and your siblings.
It was out of love that he desired that your sister marry an educated man.
His exposure made him see the effects of education as compared to ignorance.
However does it then mean that those who are not educated doesn't deserve love and support of the educated?
Can we conclude that it's only the educated that makes good husband?
Can we assume that the uneducated are not from God?
What if you end up leaving the man God has prepared for you and you don't marry the educated husband your brother talked so much about, who would you blame?
In all these things, have you knelt down to pray and simply whisper to God for help?
Have you sought to know if God has approved of him or have you made your brother head over God?
Sometimes God may bring the things of value in a manner that would make you reject it.
If you were told that crude oil could be gotten from a rotten and messy ocean, will you believe it?
Do not be in a haste to tell a man to go because you have little or no idea where God is taking him to.
Do not make a decision all because of the opinions of your loving brother.
Do not place education above your happiness.
Education will only make you speak the language of knowledge but happiness will make you speak all languages of love, knowledge, faith and fulfillment.
It is wiser to disagree with your brother than to be disappointed by some poor decisions you made in life.

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  1. Hello! I won't say anything concerning your sister's marriage because it has happened and I want to believe they are living in peace and harmony.

    Now coming to you; Are you leaving your fiance who is doing well in his business because of what your brother wants? Should I assume your brother doesn't know we have graduates who have been unemployed for so many years? If your man is a successful businessman it means he is not totally an illiterate. I think this is the part your brother needs to understand how things work because if being a graduate is a criteria for getting married, many of us wouldn't have come to be. It is true that things are changing but for goodness sake we are talking of someone who is doing well in what he has passion for and is hopefully capable of fending for his family.

    You really need to talk to your brother and give him reason(s) why he should see things the way it ought to be seen.

    I wish you the best.


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