Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I am a young girl struggling with asthma

Good morning aunty Amara.
I am a young girl struggling with asthma.
I feel sad that I have to live on drugs and inhaler.
I cant always cook and go to the market like every other lady.
I have to buy food and keep buying inhaler and drugs.
What happens to me when I cant afford this?
I cry myself to sleep cause I feel like an invalid cause I know that there are places I cant avoid.
Aunty,I am sincerly scared not everyone understands what is wrong with me
Some people laugh and mock me saying they hope I dont die in their hands
And I cant avoid people just incase anything happens to me.
Please everyone should join me in prayers.
it scares me.I have bought up to six inhalers from June till date and I dont know how long I can do it.
I am just a student and a young girl I cant continue to cry myself to sleep with the fear of what would happen to me tomorow.
I need help so I dont go crazy.
Dear sender,
The mystery of life is that nobody has monopoly of it. We are only taking care of the little we can but it is only God who has the authority and the monopoly to decide when one leaves this world.
Whatever your friend and foes feel or think of you is only but a opinions that may manifest in their lives if they don't repent.
Nothing is wrong with you nor are you a misfit because our God doesn't create a misfit nor does he create invalid human beings.
In God's eyes you are whole, healthy and perfect for the ministry in which He has ordained you.
Look beyond the inhaler you purchase and look at the cross where all infirmities were crucified with Christ Jesus.
Embrace the perfect love that comes from God and God alone and do not be deterred to fulfill your passion in life.
Be mindful of dusty environments and do well to protect yourself against cold or anything that may make you choke.
We shall continue to pray that God shall make you whole in due time.
Nothing will happen to you.
Asthma isn't a terminal challenge and it cannot hinder you from living a lasting and fulfilling life here on earth.
Cheer up and be fired up by the Holy spirit for greatness in your life and destiny.
Those who mock and make jest of you will be disappointed in due course.
We serve a God who gives abundant life to whoever he chooses and that shall be your portion in Jesus name Amen


  1. It is well my dear you needs God to intervene in your situation, instead of crying your self out use that time to pray to God for a total healing, mind you the distance between you and your God is from your knees to the ground ,you can pray your self out of that problem, you don't need any body's help the only help you need is God, I want to tell you this secret if you can do it for just six months and believe in that God can heal you then you will be fine, form the attitude of praising God any where you are you

  2. Dearie do ur best and let God take care of the rest.Its well.

  3. Dearie do ur best and let God take care of the rest.Its well.

  4. Hello! Just believe in God who is the true healer, in as much as you believe you'll have asthma for life, also remember that nothing is impossible for God to do. God knows your problem and always calling on Him will make things easier for you because He will surely provide.

    May God shower your life with His unending blessing and give you long and very prosperous life.

  5. Do you believe Jesus died so you be free from Asthma? Do you believe He has paid the price for your TOTAL HEALTH? Why not run a little study on Jesus - who He is,why He came,why He died,why He resurrected,all He has done on your behalf and for you? As you meditate on God's word, the Asthma will leave you forever. To get started on this process,get materials by JOSEPH PRINCE & ANDREW WOMMACK. A lot of them are free online. I wish you speedy healing! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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