Sunday, July 5, 2015

How do I go about recovering my money?

Good morning Auntie Amara! I pray God will continue to bless you Good work ma.
I was the girl that asked some months ago on which school that accept D7 in math in my '0' level result thanks to your fans in here with their great Advice!
Please am here to seek advice from you guys,last year April there was one of my customer that introduced me to one famous Insurance Company in Nigeria she has been One of the insurance agent would wish not to reaveal the company name cause of safety purpose.
I and two other ladies at my work was introduced to save with them that at the end of thirteenth month we would get our money with intrest on it,and she explained that we won't have Access to our money if not up to thirteen month.
We asked if we could be paying in just like that of bank she said theirs is diffrent that since she was an Agent there she would be coming for the money.
We trusted her cause we knew her very well, for like five months she do come for the money and brought us receipt to indicate our payment but she later called our notice that she won't be able to be coming for it again that she now had much customer she attends to that we can be paying into her Account that she saved it for us based on trust.
Without doubted mind we paid in for her and called her to confirm she got the money and all her reply was yes.
To cut story short our thirteenth month has ended Since May 2015 we called her notice to it.
She said it needed processing that we had to fill form that before June ending we would get our money.
Second week of June she brought some form we filled,she said she will bring another one to fill our personal banks details so as to pay in we never saw her until 2nd of July she then she started given us story of how she do send one of her junior staff to help us pay our money in bla bla bla that my four months wasn't paid in and others were three months
I told her I don't want to hear any story cos my future is at stake that the money is my only hope of getting a bright future.
Then she said the company would pay us our balance that she would be paying us the one that were not paid in.
Others agreed but I never believed her story.
So yesterday I went to one of their branch and I was directed to see their Senior Agency manager I explained all that happened to him, I gave him all my documents with me.
He checked and told me not to worry that they would get to the root of the matter by next week!
Auntie please I need your prayer and that of your great fans so that my hard earned money won't be in vain cause I starved myself just to save, now am regretting it and I need Ideas on how to go about it cause the manager called yesterday evening that they were able to detain her.
We all involved should come on monday.
sorry for my long write up and please inform me when posted mam!

Dear sender,
I want to commend your vision, focus, and commitment to seeing that you succeed in life.
You have starved and sacrificed to save and I can assure you that you shall reap with great joy and fulfillment in Jesus name Amen.
You have done what is best for you to do in circumstances like this though you wouldn't have taken it so far as for her to be detained however you did what you had to given the explanations and poor management of your funds.
All you need to do is document every payment receipts and every detail of your account with the company
I believe that the management will attend to your need and your due benefits given to you.
You don't need to panic, the company has the right mechanism to bring to book anyone who mismanages the funds of customers and they will refund all your money.
Should they fail,then you may explore other options to recover your money.
Be positive and believe God for the very best.

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  1. Dear poster, you have been dealing with a criminal. All this insurance/finance stuffs are fraud,you can have same deal with any of the known bank in Nigeria not all this unregistered insurance home/finance home. You have yo pray hard for them to release your hard earned money to you. #Ella


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