Sunday, July 5, 2015

Has God left me?

Aunty Amara good pm please help me and post this and let me know when it is posted, I have been in a relationship for four years now
but something happened of recent...
I went for a departmental picnic and when I wanted to go, my guy said I shouldn't go although he doesn't stay in Nigeria here but told me that on phone but I gave him every reason why I should go and I went, but on getting to the river where we went I noticed my bag was not safe where it was so I kept my phone In my girl friend's bag. 
My girl friend wanted to cross to the other side of the river and mistakenly she missed her step in the river and was almost sunk, her bag also entered into the river, water entered my phone and even her own. 
My phone got spoilt at the spot, I tried repairing it, I couldn't and the phone was bought at N119,000 and I have not used it up to a month and my guy is mad at me that he even told me it over between us and has been treating me somehow despite my plea. 
Aunty what will I do, how will I go about this, is just as if God has left me please talk to me.
Dear sender,
There is no way he would be happy knowing that you could have avoided what happened to your phone.
However the deed has been done and all you can do is learn from your errors and make amends.
Call him and apologize for your mistakes.
Send him soothing messages and always remind him of how much you love and care about his happiness.
Be hopeful and be patient and continue to communicate with him.
But don't lose yourself all because he doesn't appreciate you.
Every relationship is a journey with many expectations but sometimes God may have something different in the store for you and will use any circumstances to lead you to your promised land.
Granted that you may have been careless with your phone but ending the relationship with you is a negative indication that he doesn't cherish you much more than he cherish gadgets or properties.
Take your time and be focused in developing yourself and acquiring the skills and knowledge that would make you stand out from the crowd.
If God has destined him for you, nothing will hinder that from coming to fulfilment.


  1. That is not enough reason he should be mad at you. But why did you disobeyed him? He told you not to go but you refused and head in. Well you have to keep begging him until he forgives you. #Ella

  2. It's only a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave. Next time try and obey your man.


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