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Tighten Your Vagina

I receive messages from women, young and old, troubled by this very issue of loose vagina and seeking solution to it. These are women who know that they have loose vagina; what about those who have it without even knowing that they have that problem?

 Men complain about this because when this happens, they find it difficult enjoying sex with her. The women, on their own part, begin to look for a "big n tall" since they feel nothing with a regular size. A loose vagina can potentially lead to lack of interest in sex and could with time spoil the intimacy between couples. 
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Some men even go ahead to accuse their wife of being a woman of easy virtue who has given it to different sizes and lengths. Contrary to that old-wives-tale, a stretched vagina does not come from too much intercourse. 

A loose vagina can be as a result of these

Jobs that require heavy lifting can lead to prolapsed uterus.
Natural aging
Childbirth- vaginal birth is more at risk of loose vagina. 


It's possible for you to have a loose vagina without knowing it. Here are some simple tips to help you find out if your vagina is loose.
Inserting more than two fingers into the vagina without any resistance or pain can signify a loose vagina. Then again, if you are able to insert your index finger into your vagina and not contract the vaginal walls (try wrapping the vaginal walls around the index finger),you obviously have a loose vagina.
If your spouse starts complaining about not enjoying sex anymore and if you are not able to feel his thrusts or movements like before, chances are your vaginal walls are loose. Both husband and wife suffers when this problem arises. A loose vagina not only reduces your sexual sensitivity, it makes your spouse not to reach a proper/desired orgasm.
Are you one of those women pushing their husband to go for some enlargement and elongation? Chances are your man is not the problem; in fact, sexual satisfaction has little or nothing to do with size. Your vaginal walls could be loose and weak. If you masturbate frequently and find the need to insert larger objects to achieve sexual stimulation and satisfaction, chances are your vaginal opening have become bigger and your vaginal walls slacked.
There must be a solution right? You are right; lets look at solutions
Kegel Exercise
It's also called pelvic floor exercise and is one of the most popular ways to tighten the vagina. It's often recommended to ladies after delivery to tone up, or those with medical conditions like urinary incontinence and prolapsed uterus. Everybody should do Kegel on daily basis regardless of age or medical condition.
Kegel exercise involves a woman contracting her pelvic floor muscles and then relaxing them after 10 seconds.Keep contracting and relaxing the muscles for at least 15 times and follow up with 4 sets of the same every day. Alternatively, you can try contracting those muscles while you urinate and hold back the urine for about 5 seconds before continuing. Do the same till you finish urinating. Repeat the procedure every time you need to urinate. It's very easy to squeeze the muscles in the buttocks and abdomens at the same time, make sure you are working the right muscle. Don't rush yourself; don't try to be a pro overnight, take it one step at a time. 
If you have the money, you can go for squeeze pillows that are specially designed for Kegel exercises. For $20 to $150, you can have one.
Another very common method to tighten the vaginal muscles employs the use of a vaginal cone which looks like a regular tampon, but has weights attached to it. You need to insert the cone (with the weights hanging off the end) into the vagina and try to hold it in with the help of your vaginal muscles for a couple of minutes before releasing it. Repeat the procedure at least 5 times a day and add more weights as you progress. Vaginal cone comes in different sizes and if you are able, starting with the lightest, to keep the cone in the vagina for approximately 15 minutes with only a slight voluntary contraction effort, you have achieved one goal and can graduate to the next cone.

There are also vaginal tightening creams, but you have to be careful as some of them are not as natural as they claim to be. 


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  3. Good one, and good is coming from a woman too.

  4. Good one, and good is coming from a woman too.

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