Sunday, July 5, 2015

She lost her virginity, should I quit?

Good evening ma... please i need you and
your fan's advice on this and notify me when
I am a guy of 25 years old and a student in one of the federal universities in Nigeria. I met my fiance two years ago in town where am schooling and we are both Christians, even sometimes she do preach to me if she noticed that am going astray...
Before we started our relationship we both agreed that we are going to abstain from sex and of which we did...
Last year October she sent me a message that we cannot continue with the relationship as a result of a preaching she heard about relationship in one of the programs she attended. 
After that incident(breakup) she left home for school, four months later she came to my house and began to cry and beg me that she wanted me back based on what different prophet told her that am the right man for her though I have a prophet that confirmed it also so I accepted her back (going to a year now)but the problem now is that: she made a confession yesterday night that
after our breakup, she met a guy based on friendship and one day the guy invited her to his house and since she was feeling bored at home she decided to go with him but on getting there, to cut the long story short the guy forced her and had sex with her which took away her virginity...
On hearing this, I was heart broken and didn't know what to do...
Please ma I need your advice because am confused and don't know what to do maybe to quit the relationship or to accept my fate and move on...

Dear sender,
It's normal for you to feel devastated and annoyed knowing how much you have believed in her and have committed to the relationship.
I am sure she wasn't comfortable telling you about her virginity and if she was abused by her friend, hmmm one can only wish such never came to her.
From your mail, you said that you got confirmation from a prophet just as she also did but let me ask you, are you convinced within your spirit that she is the lady for you?
If what the two Prophets said be true, does it mean that you are considering leaving her all because she is no more a virgin?
Is virginity more important to you than God's will for your life and marriage?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to marry a virgin but I must remind you that virginity just like beauty isn't skin deep.
It takes moments of insertion to break the hymen but you will live with her virtues and character for the rest of your life.
Take your time to meditate on this, you know so well what you need and desire in a partner and in marriage,talk to God about your feelings and thoughts on this.
Whatever heaven approves prospers and blossoms in beauty and splendour.
If you are convinced that she is the one God has prepared for your destiny and ministry, please do not leave her because of her virginity.
Work more in strengthening not communication, mutual understanding and appreciation for your partner.
Draw closer to God and build your relationship with Him so that he would reveal his purpose and plans for your life and destiny to you.
Meeting  prophets and pastors every now and then is an indication that you are so far away from God that you have lost your identity in Life.


  1. All this virgin stories...... who forced her? Where? When? How?....... If she cannot give it to you but gives it to another but still wants to marry you..... that's my problem with been too much of a good boy...... you have got to have a blend of good and bad boyism...... just saying tho

  2. Why didn't she consult a prophet before starting a new relationship with the other guy. Now she telling you what a prophet she consulted said. Stories maybe that guy did not treat her well that's why she left him running to you with her fake story. Why did she dumped you to date the other guy, are you sure she was a virgin? Because you did not test drive. Dear poster forgive her but do not accept her back in your life. #Ella

  3. I'm seriously not buying her story bcos i am a female and i know what girls can do. Besides my brother has been a victim of something similar to this; d girl was giving it to other dudes both back and front and was still claiming to be a virgin for my bro. Dump her sorry ass abeg, leave sentiments.


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