Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How do I manage a husband who masturbates?

Ma please how do someone handle a situation when she discovers that her husband masturbates.

Dear sender,
It takes the grace of God for a wife to help the man overcome the addiction of masturbation.
On your own part, you need to understand that it is a battle, one that has crippled his mindset which means that even when he doesn't feel like, his mind simply drives him to it.
To help him, sex must be as explosive as possible so as to offer a better competition to his mindset.
You would need to upgrade your skills and knowledge of how to satisfy him in bed.
You also need to play with his table tennis and pamper his big boy in your own customized way.
You need to ask him how he feels with you and what you may do to make the experience much more exciting for him than masturbation.
With regular sexual intimacy and your prayers and support I'm hopeful that he would change his mindset about it.
Monitoring him wouldn't be of great help as he may choose to do that elsewhere so your best bet would be to draw him closer to you and give him reasons why God has brought you to make his life more fun than selfish masturbation.

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