Thursday, July 30, 2015

I always see my ex in my dreams.

Good day aunt Amara. Am really grateful for your kind gesture and assistance you render to your fan and others.
Every time, i often dream of my ex, who is my first love when i was a little girl.
But recently,we have been separate for a long time without any communication nor chat and i find it difficult to let go of the memory toward him..
It was as if i have charm or something bothering me. Most times i tried to forget him,i would dream that we both came back together shared beautiful moments,played and enjoyed ourselves, even wedded in the dream.
Sometimes i don't know if this is a spiritual battle or something else, have prayed about it, but the dream keep coming back to me..
Thank you.

Dear sender,
I don't feel that it's a charm or a spiritual battle but you are simply missing him.
It's normal to miss someone who you shared your life with and who has made a great impression in your life.
With time I believe that you would get over this and move on with your life.
Instead of thinking so much about him,please focus on something that makes you happy with yourself.
Get busy with life, make friends and be free to learn something new and exciting.
His part in your story is over, it's time for you to let go of so that you can get hold of someone better for your destiny.
All the best dear.


  1.'s just chemicals in your bloodstream reacting. They will clear up with time,and the lesser you think of your ex. Get busy with life,and with your life. Discover purpose,acquire wisdom, build friendships,contribute to society, live life! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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