Thursday, July 30, 2015

He hasn't touched me for two years!

Good morning, I have been married for two and a half years. 
I got pregnant September 2013 and had my baby June last year. 
Since I got pregnant, my husband has not had sex with me. All that was on my mind was that it was the pregnancy that was making him not to have sex with me. 
My baby is now one year, one month and he still hasn't touched me. He stopped sleeping in the same room with me for sometime. 
I entered the room where he sleeps one day while he was at work and I noticed sperm on his T-shirt. 
The last time we had sex was two years ago he has started sleeping in the same room with me but nothing happened.
I really need help. I feel like Leaving the marriage. Please what do you advise?
Dear sender,
Please do talk to him about your worries and why he hasn't touched you for two heads now.
It is sincerely painful and wicked for a husband to starve his wife of her sexual intimacy.
Please find out more about his attitude to you.
Does he masturbate or is he gay? Does he have any issues with your body or is there another lady in the picture?
Does he have any health challenges or was it his perception of sex- as a procreation tool only?
I'm giving you clues so that you may investigate and find out more.
When you may have established what exactly could be responsible for his attitude towards sex, then you can decide on what's best for you to do.
I know that the pressure must have been so much on you but please don't give up yet until you must have given your best to restore your marriage.
Please do pray for him and seek God's face in a critical moment as yours.
I can only hope for the best.
It is well with you by his grace.

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