Friday, July 17, 2015

I feel cursed!

Good day  Aunty and Avilites. I met this guy some time two months ago. He's  very humble,generous, Godfearing, goodlooking and really nice Aunty, most girls answered prayers. 
Wants to come and collect marriage list this weekend from my family, Traditional marriage month end and white wedding by September. Aunty Amara , i have a problem i know. I cant seem to love him one bit, where as he adores me. My elder sisters are saying i might love him later on, i have put a stop to the marriage thing for now, because I'm  not feeling it, he begs me i just pity him, i really wish to die ma, i cant make him happy, but he doesnt understand. 
I have been rude and unfeeling and everything, yet he wont bulge. I  have a good job, i look great, have a beautiful family who loves me and a man who adores me, yet I'm not happy because I miss my Ex,the only man i truly love, can't have him, my life has been miserable since,feel very useless inside. 
I am only alive because of my mom, not to die before her. Aunty i feel cursed or something...
Marrying to get away from my ex wont make me any happier, i will only ruin this guys happiness or probably divorce him too soon. 
Him or no one understands... All they want is i should marry!
I have told him to give me some time, but he wouldnt, begging we do things as other girls would leave him and he would be focused and blablabla...

Dear sender, 
You definitely do need some time not to fall in love with your partner but to seek the face of the Almighty, the creator of the universe.
The one who first loved you even when you had no idea what life was all about. 
You need time to seek the face of him who surrounded you with many favours which the devil is fighting day and night to rip off and render you hopeless and useless (God forbid forbid). 
You have gone through this path all alone and it's time to seek him who made everything you have, need and will ever receive in life. 
Please pause for a while and seek God's face. The life you live today is a dream and a prayer of many but all I see is the handwork of the wicked to destroy and crush the very essence of your calling. 
This is clearly a case of bewitching with the "ex" as the image which always make you worship the image at the detriment of your happiness. 
Beautiful, let me ask you, is your existing love better than God's love? 
Is there something that your ex has that God cannot recreate with much more excellence? 
Please you cannot give the devil the platform to destroy your own life. 
For you to think and type that you wished to be dead all because a human being (flesh, blood, sand and water) who is unstable, mortal and living by God's grace for me, is an indication that this isn't love but the plot by the enemy to mess with your destiny. 
Like I said, this isn't time to marry but to return to God and do that without any further delay. 
In him is the fulfilment you desire, in him is the peace of mind and happiness that you seek. 
In him is the satisfaction and joy that you yearn for. 
Please do not listen to anyone pushing you to marry because they have no idea what the devil is up to and why you needed God faster than 911 can respond. 
Please take some time today and talk to God for mercy and Grace. 
Ask him to take the wheels and drive your life. 
Give your heart to no one until you can see God all around you and not any man. 
Please do not treat this with levity. 
This is an emergency and you need God else you may simply crash and terribly at that. 
Please stop listening to the voices around you and hook up with God's word. 
Maybe you need to be reminded that God really loves you and is always there to take care of all your needs. 
Until the roots of the enemy in the image of an Ex is rooted out of your life, you cannot find fulfilment and happiness in life. 
Please do not give up on God even if man failed you, please, I plead on behalf of God, He loves you much more than any man you can think of and loves you much more than all you can see in the universe and your imagination. 
You cannot put God to shame for loving you this much. 
Please let go of the past relationship, pains and disappointments so that you can breathe with ease and fulfil the purpose for which God chose you amongst all others. 
I hope and pray that God will help you much more than mere words can do. 


  1. I understand ur plight cos av been in a very similar issue. But wen u make one ur ex I think u want to move on to a better life. God is all u need now and remember that u can't serve two masters at a time it's really out of it wen u adore someone to the extent that the person becomes ur god. It took the grace of God for me to fight my obsession and as much as I never saw love of any sought in my suitor I thank God that He led me through.i am married to him and sincerely having the best of my time wit him. U two need to seek God so u don't make a mistake

    1. 1. If I may ask: WHY THE RUSH? She just met someone 2 months ago,and they have already fixed marriage,and are collecting lists,and giving it to a guy she,obviously,do not know much about? ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

    2. 1. If I may ask: WHY THE RUSH? She just met someone 2 months ago,and they have already fixed marriage,and are collecting lists,and giving it to a guy she,obviously,do not know much about? ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  2. I know exactly what it feels like. But, its only God that can heal your wound only if you allow HIM. We are here for each other. But let me tell you the truth and the difference with my case: My own happened but I had the fore knowledge in the spirit. It was revealed to me but I doubted, but it happened exactly. Now my ex latter came begging but it was late because he was married I pray he finds happiness. I never offended him one bit, his siblings were angry he never listened. I sincerely forgave him because: God spoke to me that I will appreciate what HE di for me in the future. So, let go of your ex.. and let God handle your heart.. today am very happy and fulfilling imagine!!!! Maybe I need to talk to you personally for more insight babe.... But your choice to let God. You can also direct the guy to meooooo if your feel you wont love him.....ROFTL....Its well with you dearie ..Let God have his way in your life. Your ex... considers you not good for him so let go and adore the one who cherish you I beg you sweetheart....

  3. You have to rush into marriage my dear, take your time and arra everything little by little. If you do not love this guy then you have to quit the relationship you can not force your self to love if you don't feel something strong for him.i will advise and see how it goes,do not rush in because it is early. But let me ask you why did you agreed to date him and talk about marriage with him while you know you can't love him?. #Ella


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