Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I feel something is wrong with me!

Hi Sis Amara, good evening. 
Please I need your advice. My joy and happiness is not complete, I feel so sad, depressed, dejected and rejected. 
Sometimes I live a socially withdrawn life and I question God. I have prayed, fasted and consulted my spiritual director severally concerning my case but to me everything is just stagnant, nothing seems to be happening in my life maritally. 
I'm a lady of 28 years, works in federal establishment, beautiful, loyal, intelligent, humble, simple, respectful and a core Christian, from a good family background. 
I don't have a common boyfriend, no suitors in my life. People hardly believe me when I tell them I don't have a boyfriend, sometimes people around me ask me what am waiting for, I'm beautiful, respectful, a working class etc, that I should be married by now but I always laugh over it when such questions are thrown to me but feels very bad within me. 
I least expected that at 28 I will still be single. My phone hardly ring and when it does it's either my people, colleagues or my old school mates, I feel so bad about this. 
Sometimes I wish and dream for a man in my life. Please I need your advice on how to handle this it's seriously weighing me down physically and spiritually, I feel so bad and sometimes feel something is wrong somewhere or with me. 
God bless you as you treat my case.

Dear beautiful,
I am celebrating you for how blessed prosperous, gorgeous and lovely God has made you be.
I wish my hug could reach out to you as you read this but sincerely, I am happy remind you that you are truly an embodiment of God's glory and blessings.
You know sometimes when God is preparing the very best for us we lose patience and hope easily thinking that God has forsaken us or has turned his back on us.
Sometimes because we feel our mates have gone right ahead of us, we feel like failures but God's ways are never the same with man's nor can our perception of His personality capture His true nature and purpose for us.
Please do me a favour, stop worrying about what you don't have today, let's thank God all through this year.
Worship God and bless his holy name for blessing you this much.
Stop requesting for a husband and start thanking God for His provision of all that you ever needed and yearned for in life.
Simply worship and bless him for all the good things he has blessed you with.
Celebrate His Faithfulness in your life.
Please do me a second favour, I know that you must be a very hardworking lady, please celebrate yourself, celebrate yourself everyday that you see the sun.
Shower yourself with so much love that even your enemies will compliment you.
Spare nothing when you are celebrating yourself.
If you can afford the latest car on earth, please get it and sincerely rejoice.
Let your heart feel like a that of a happy baby. Please shop and pamper yourself you can't see the suitors with your frowned face and sealed lips.
Wear a smile sweetheart and open your mouth with all gracefulness and gratitude.
Life doesn't end in marriage but in the state of your heart. Be happy because you deserve happiness.
The third favour which is very very important.
Shower love to others, take some time to comment on the page and encourage someone who's hurting. Visit the motherless the sick and those who are in the prison when its convenient for you.
Join the children's department in your church and simply pamper them like your children, I mean you would have yours pretty soon.
Get busy touching lives for good, attend programmes and speak up when there's need for you to?
Do not be afraid of living,we all are learning how to live so nobody is experienced living his or her purpose on earth.
Be yourself and express your heart when you wish to.
Make friends sweetheart, and make yourself available for friendship.
Work is lovely but please do not let work live in your mindset all the days that you live.
Let your colleagues notice the transformation in your life.
Your husband is on the way so stop worrying dear and living as though our God isn't faithful.
No yoke of the wicked can hinder you from getting married in life.
Stop believing your fears and begin to believe God's promises.
Stop meeting with spiritual director,please worship your heavenly Father and you shall indeed testify to God's faithfulness.
Congratulations in advance.


  1. Awwwwww! Can't hold my tears! Anty amara. Love u maa. U are magic!!

  2. Thanks you madam Amara who avail herself to be used by God to touch the live of people who are emotionally down...Like Aunty Amara have said, learn to mingle and be friendly with people around , smile at people and stop carrying a heavy look and also learn to compliment other when they deserve it. in case you dont mind , we be friends and you can reach me on this number....08127705375.

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