Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He has plans with his "abroad" lady.

I have a boyfriend or rather fiance who stays in abroad. it happened that he came back to Nigeria due to a few problem with his paper. 
I found out that he has a white lady he was in a serious relationship with. 
He did not deny it,he said he will tell me the truth without lying because he loves me. 
Then he told me that he was keeping the white lady so that he could regain his stay in abroad and for the progress of his business. 
That he would marry me as his Nigerian wife and I will live in Nigeria because if I go to abroad with him, I might spoil his business for him.
My problem now is that I found out that he was planning of marriage and having children with this lady when I mistakenly went through his chat. 
When I asked him he couldn't give a reasonable answer. 
Aunty I don't know what do,I don't know what to do .
I love him,gave him my body which I vowed to keep for my husband. 
Aunty please talk to me, advice me please.

Dear sender,
Are you in love with where he lives,what he has/gives to you or who he is?
From your mail, you described a deceptive, selfish and simply untrustworthy man who has the intention to frustrate your life and make you live a miserable life.
That you gave him your body doesn't mean that you should lose sight of the looming danger ahead of you.
How come you are discovering everything by yourself which he never told you until you got to know?
Why wasn't he telling you the truth and what more was he still hiding away from you?
Why does he feel that your going abroad with him would spoil his business? Please what business really is worth more than a wife?
Why make you his Nigerian wife? And how long will you wait to have sexual intimacy with him should you get married to him?
Why aren't you seeing all these loopholes? Or do you feel that you can cope with those?
Remember as always that marriage is no joke, your feelings will turn to sweat when you realise that the man who promised you heaven on earth ended up making you miserable.
If he has a business in abroad and his white wife was already there, I mean why shouldn't he stick with her and enjoy both his business and his wife over there?
Please wake up, it's past dreaming time, face the realities staring at you and decide what is best for you to do.
All the best.

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  1. The mistake ladies make is tryn to rationalise unnecessarily.y are u confused when u can see de clear handwriting on the wall? Thank God u saw de signs on time .QUIT!!! Trust me u can't deal wt dis marriage. Anty amara has said it all..Hw long will u wait for ur conjugal rights? Years? Dats a sure path to infidelity. Dnt forget he wnt be going try de same.he has a white woman. Now tell me Hw Dats fair. Have u tot abt kids? Are u ready to raise dem alone? My dear poster its not easy to have a husband in absencia.this is comn from som1 who knws.all the best dear


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