Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He won't let me go!

Hello Aunty Amara,I really need your advise.
Have been in a relationship with a wonderful man for about four years.
When we had just been together for a year,things went really bad for him financially and I was the one supporting him financially.
The problem now is that when our relationship was three years,I found out that he was seeing someone else.
We have quarrelled and fought over this lady but even though he claims not to love her,he won't leave her.
Two days ago,we had a serious quarrel about her and although I ended things with him.
The problem now is that he won't let me go.In the midst of our quarrel that's after I had ended things with him,he called me and told me that Federal Government has paid him.
He is now finanacially ok.I would be finishing my university education this November and he has wonderful plans for our future together.
What do I do pls?

Dear sender,
I know that you love him and with his success, you feel better knowing that you may end up with him.
I'm happy but I'm not comfortable with the fact that he is yet to tidy up with his past.
If he cannot let go of his ex, I'm wondering why he's comfortable with disturbing you every now and then.
Sit him down and pour your heart to him, let him know that it is simply unacceptable for you to condone his relationship with his ex while he is hooked up with his ex.
It's simply infidelity and is never good for your relationship nor is it cool for your emotions.
If he simply can't respect your feelings, then my suggestion would be to give him some space and focus on what's more important to you which should be to graduate with the best grades.
Two is cool for a prosperous relationship, but with an ex,it's simply impossible.
All the best.

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