Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My sister hinders me from getting married!

Aunty Amara good morning please I have a sister who is 39yrs old
she has refused to marry even when suitors come around . 
Am 24 and am the last.
I wanted to get married last year and she opposed it. She went as far
as poisoning the mind of my elder brothers which I kept quiet.
My mum got married to my dad at the age of 16 so I don't know her
reasons for deciding to remain with our parents yet anyone that talked
about marriage becomes her enemy. 
My two other elder sisters are not married today due to her because they were like waiting for her.
All she does is to quarrel everyone including our parents even though
she claimed to be a real born again Christian. 
I will be graduating next year and I don't want to go back to my parent's house rather my husband's house but now I know it will be war because she is not even ready to marry
Besides she's no more at her peak. People were more like making jest
of us because of her .
Please I need your advice and please publish my story
so the house can advice me too. 
Thank you and God bless you.
Dear sender,
Marriage is a an individual journey, never a competition amongst siblings whether young or old.
I understand that some culture would wish the elders get married before the younger ones but the candid truth is because nobody knows the destiny nor the destination of another individual, nobody has the monopoly to decide when or who one gets married to not even parents.
Because every individual have a pre-destined assignment which God has given to the individual, it will only be playing God for anyone to prevent another from getting married all because of his or her own perceptions and opinions.
All I would suggest that you do is focus on graduating first, equipping yourself with the skills that would help you generate wealth and make you independent of your parents after graduation.
Then get an apartment for yourself and build up your career or investment and should marriage come knocking, you will simply seek your parent's blessings and support and no one else.
Continue to pray and be positive about your family. That others are mocking your family isn't news, what should be news is that God silenced them with your success and prosperity in life.
Never you examine your family based on the opinions of strangers, they actually do have issues which they're managing but wouldn't let you know about it.
Seek God's face for anything that you see in your home which isn't as you feel it should be.
Do not mock your siblings because of their shortcomings, do show them some respect and love even when you are simply not comfortable with their attitude.
I'm pretty sure that you would get married when the time is right and nobody will hinder you from entering your husband's home .
Hope you're amongst the best in your department?
All the best dear.

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  1. Sometimes when we are unsure of things in our life we look for excuses (Culture, age) to get out of what ever it is we are seeking to do at the moment. I don't know but I think that I would finish school just like Aunty Amara suggest, secure a job and dear if the right man comes around take him. yes yes yes.


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