Tuesday, July 28, 2015

There's a Reason

They can take your position; they can push you out of your rightful place; they can tell all the lies just to have you removed; they can, they can... But one thing is sure: they cannot take your ministry; they cannot take the gift of God in you. 

Stop fighting for positions and the likes; stop struggling to be loved; stop struggling to be accepted by humans. Struggle more for God's acceptance. There is something He has deposited in you. There is something you have that no one else has. There is something that makes you unique. It's possible they speak Queens English, but even with you Ghetto English, people still come to consult you, people still prefer you to them. Anybody can remove you from your position if God allows it, but your ministry is untouchable by mere mortals. Let them send you to the dungeon, you will flourish.

I was, then, the youngest chapter president in SFI Lagos. I started as a chapter treasurer after which I was appointed the VP before being made a president. During the inauguration of the two chapters-Ogudu GRA and Mafoluku by Ajao Estate Chapter, I was busy doing the work of God and serving with no hidden agenda. My life is about service to God and humanity and so when I am not serving, I feel dead. Little did I know that the president wasn't too happy as every member was fond of Amara.

 I loved and took very good care of the president; I showed her love like no one ever did and she confessed to that. But as it is with women, she was planning evil for me. She later sent me to head Mafoluku chapter, telling those who cared to listen that I should go there and do that magic of growing chapters and groups which I was known for. To God be the glory, like Joseph in
the house of Potiphar, immediately I got to Mafoluku, things turned around and the chapter thrived to the surprise of everybody, including the national headquaters. The chapter was filled with so much love that we had no time for jealousy and gossip. It was more of those poor widows but because we walked in love, the chapter was celebrated by all.

But the enemies won't rest; they gathered and conspired. They said to themselves, "we must stop her". One of them, the woman they used, came to me and said, "Amara, I will deal with you and show you that you are nothing but a kid in Sisters Fellowship International. As usual, I wasn't bothered because as they were taking every step, God was revealing them to me in dreams ahead of time. Their attack was just about going to the national president with lies about me. Unfortunately, she was manipulated to believe them, but I'm happy she has come to see the truth today.

My chapter members were all angry and disappointed. They insisted I go and defend myself. My response to them all those while was, "Jesus was led as a sheep to the slaughter, he was accused of so many negative things, but He never opened His mouth to defend Himself". I refused to go to anybody to defend myself. Thank God for people like Mrs. Leticia Mbachu and IVP Mrs. Nkechi Omemgboji who saw beyond their lies; they stood by me while others treated me like an outcast. 

According to them, the very moment we get "Mummy" to demote and suspend Amara, she will leave the fellowship because her husband is rich and she cant take the insult. They conspired, but God favoured me. 

I was demoted from being a president and publicly disgraced over a false allegation. I remember after they read and used the case of Saul's disobedience to demote me, they asked me to stand up to be prayed for. As they said their prayer, I looked up to heaven and with tears in my eyes; remembering my labour of love which was turned into evil overnight, I said, "Only You can vindicate me Lord and I know You will". 

They expected me not to be seen around the fellowship again; they were wrong. Husbands came to my house threatening to withdraw their wives from the fellowship because I was no longer the president; I pleaded with them to see it more as a spiritual warfare. The following Wednesday, to their utmost bewilderment, I was the first person to arrive. I swept the hall, dusted, and arranged the chairs all alone. I later took my seat among floor members. 

They came in again to preach against me with the message of Dothan and Korah. As they give the Bible passages, even though they were using me to preach, I stood up, helping to read the passages. A lady, Joy Onuabuchi, who sat next to me was like, "Presido, I can't understand you, these people are preaching against you and here you are reading it out for them". I smiled; she didn't understand where God was taking me.  Sure she now understands. 

The next week, because the chapter members were angry at the enemies of God's work, they reacted. I watched as they engaged themselves in verbal attacks. When they got tired, I asked to be permitted to say something. One of the enemies (VP Ozo) asked me to come use the microphone; I refused. Why did I refuse? They would call the international president even before I finish to tell her I took the microphone to preach while on suspension. Thank God for wisdom. I spoke from my seat. I told the members not to fight for me because everything I was going through is an indication that God loves me and He is taking me to a greater place in ministry and so He was only trying to refine me as gold for His use. 

The next day, I got a message from the national president saying I instigated people to attack the new authority and so I got suspended from the chapter. I swallowed that again without trying to defend myself. The only thing I always did was go into my room, lock up myself, and cry to God. At that point, I was famished, my strength was gone. I told God I was weak and couldn't carry on. God got me refilled for the next stage of the battle. 

God kept me. For nine months, I was a laughing stock in SFI. I was treated like an outcast; I was trampled upon. They taught they had won, but God had a surprise for them.

 The international president came to Lagos and asked that I attend a meeting of her Lagos excos. I drove more than thirty miles to the meeting venue, wearing my favorite colour, red. Sitting in a quiet corner, one Mrs. Aniedozie who masterminded the whole evil alongside Chinyere (I picked Chinyere from her house and drove her to the fellowship the day she lied against me. I didn't know there were evil plans against me), passed by, laughed and said, "look at someone on suspension dressed like a queen". I was confused. Was I going to change my skin colour too or throw my clothes away for these people to be satisfied?

Later on, Mrs. Leticia Mbachu (how she loves me) came to me and said, "Amara my dear, God has blessed you with a good skin and so even if you wear a rag, they will still talk. But my dear, I want you to do something; go back home and wear something darker". I obeyed her and drove home, changed to a black jeans skirt and jacked. As I got in, I went back to my quiet corner.

Mummy came out and without me defending myself, she said, "I use my veto power as the founder of this ministry to restore Amara as the president of Mafoluku Chapter and I don't care how anybody feels". My chapter members all fell to their faces, on the wet ground, and cried because it was victory at last. 

Then Jehovah arose and started His battle. The two women who masterminded my persecution were both transferred to two dying chapters, they lost their positions. 

I served for another three months as the president after which I tendered my letter of resignation which took mummy about six weeks to approve; finally I was free. Do I have any regret? The only pain I have comes whenever I look at Mafoluku chapter; it's no longer what it used to be, the glory departed. 

I refused to quit during the trial, not because I didn't want to. First, I wanted my chapter members to learn a lesson from my pain. Secondly, born and raised in ministry, the last thing I would do was leave a ministry when everything is not alright. I took a firm decision to swallow the humiliations and fight to the end.

After my resignation, I decided to become a floor member of Ajao Chapter. As they saw me in Ajao (that was the headquaters of the enemies of God's work), some of them tried to get me into lesbianism and failed; some tried to be close to me and I refused; some wanted me to join them in their party lifestyle instead of associating with the widows and the poor among us; I refused; some felt I shouldn't be that popular among SFI members all over Lagos, and so, they hated me. 

The new president of Ajao, Oge, even used me to preach as one of those women who come to show off their gold and Senegalese in fellowship; she hated me because she felt she should be the star, all eyes should be on her and not on Amara.

One Ebele connived with her to stop me. I didn't know their wicked plan until I invited the poor widows of Mafoluku Chapter to come to Ajao to get the monthly financial support I always gave them (I wasn't allowed to go to Mafoluku). They came and after fellowship, I took them to a quiet corner to hand out the envelops to them. 

To my surprise, Ebele appeared, held my hand and asked me not to use my money to deceive the widows. This is something they knew me for and so what could be the issue here? At that point, I couldn't take it anymore. Oge called me to come for a private talk; I refused. Why did I refuse? I refused because she had always gone to lie against me and turn my words to suit her evil agenda and so I wanted everything public. She wouldn't talk in public and so I told them that was my last day in SFI. 

When later they heard my marriage ended, they threw a party and celebrated. They said all sorts of things, but mercy said no. God laughed at their foolishness; it was not over with His beloved daughter, Amara. As I lost all that I laboured for, they rejoiced. As the media (First Weekly Magazine) was used for six consecutive weeks to spread lies against me, they laughed and made me an object of mockery each time I passed. I was in pain, that pain was more than words can express. But God wasn't through; He was taking me somewhere and I must yield. That level of brokenness was beyond human comprehension; I didn't envisage it when I prayed to be broken. 

It was a long walk; six years of rejection and abuse. But God favoured me. Did I fail? Yes, several times I failed, but mercy said no; mercy spoke in place of judgment. 

After it all, here I am today being used by God to touch other broken and shattered vessels. You may not know why I love so much and give myself to broken vessels. I do that because I have been battered and broken into pieces and so I know what it feels like. I lost hope but The Potter picked me up and mended me leaving no sign of brokenness. Why then won't I make myself available to be used by Him to mend other broken vessels? 

I am not Jesus Christ, but I am His. If the world has battered you; if you think no one loves you, by the grace available to me, I love you and I will stand by you. Trust God, He mends broken things. 

Now the lesson for you: I forgave all of them. I saw one trying to fight an okada (motorcycle man) over transport fare, I stopped and paid for it and gave her more to keep. I show love to them whenever and wherever. Never stop praying for your enemies and those who hate you. Jesus instructed us to. Love is the most excellent way. 

Never forget; they can take away your position; they can take away your place, but they cannot touch that which God has deposited in you. None can touch it. They took a chapter, God gave me the world as a platform and now, I reach millions and have spoken in bigger ministries, organizations, and countries. 

Never forget: God will always use your enemies to announce your success. They thought they sold Joseph into slavery, but it was in the plan for his kingship. Allow God to use your enemies to push you into greatness. Stop running to defend yourself over every little thing; there's a reason why you must go through it.

The Book? It is on the way...out in Gods time.


  1. Sister Amara. You are a vessel unto honor that is why the persecution was that heavy. You were being prepared for the assignment divinely meant for you. Like all the great Patriarchs all had to go through their own crucibles. The common denominator with them all was that they came out like refined GOLD. You are an epistle many are reading now including an egoistic male like me who hardly bother to listen or learn from any female. It is only a fool that argues with a proof. I cannot deny the proof of sincerity of purpose and unbiased things you have written. Thanks for the encouragements to all. Those who love you naturally, those who don't love you but can't deny the truth you are putting out and those who are forced by undeniable evidences to become your fans. God bless you the more as you advance in propagating the truth.

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  3. Am so touched by this epistle. He has promised and has never failed not in your own time. God Rules.

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  5. Thanks for this message. I appreciate the wisdom God gave you through it all. We are but weak vessels in the hands of a strong God. Silence is an attitudinal asset in times of adversity.

  6. Deeply touched..I was not eager to finish this life long experience of yours..U ar indeed a Vessel in God's house. I LOVE U..Amy..I LOVE U Wise woman, I LOVE U AGAIN N AGAIN..Keep it up. The Sky is your starting point.

  7. This came at a good time, going through a similar thing but this has encouraged me more. God bless you Ma.

  8. You are my mentor, my role model; I really look up to you

  9. Aunty Amara, do you know what, you must not be an ordained man of God to touch peoples life. am highly inspired by this write up. since I started following your page I've learnt a lot and mostly developed my self esteem. indeed you're really endowed. may God give you more grace as you continue nurturing his vine yard. Thank you very much.

  10. I read you blog every day and i have a million and one reasons to thank the almighty for what His doing through you and your team, your story as inspired me a lot and positively changed my life among others.
    You are a vessel unto honor and for this purpose God created and molded u and i pray for you today and always, your ministry, family and your team that God will perfect all that need perfection and above all fill your hearth with more love and wisdom to give the right counsel at every giving time, in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN.
    Hope to meet and know u in person some day, God bless you.


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