Tuesday, July 28, 2015

His boss is after me!

Good morning beautiful Aunty.. I must compliment you.. you are really a God sent to fix failed relationships,heal broken hearts and home. 
Thank you so much. Please help me with this issue. 
Am 24 in a relationship with a guy of 32yrs and we have been together for four years now and love each other and have agreed to tie the Marriage knot once I graduate(finals).
Ma I am stuck to this guy both in good and bad times, striving to make ends meet. 
He is into business but his greatest dream which we both kept praying about was for him to get favour from one guy like that in his line (I guess he should be maybe the richest with great connection in my boyfriend's line of business).
Not quite long God answered our prayers.. the guy made a great offer to my boyfriend in addition to that he told him that he wanted him to start travelling outside the country with him and start the importations too.. 
We were both very happy and thankful to God.. 
Aunty the whole problem started when my boyfriend asked me to come carry the things am to sell in school in Lagos before that time he used to send them as waybill but because I needed to select this ones myself that was why he asked me to come. .. 
Unfortunately there was this goods at that other guy warehouse that my boyfriend was helping him to count so he asked me to come to the warehouse to come get the key to the house. 
When I got there my boyfriend introduced me to the guy as his wife to be after which I left. After my stay I went back to school, someone said hi to me on WhatsApp not knowing the person I had to check the pictures lo and behold it was that guy. 
I asked how he got my number he said he stole from my boyfriend's phone. 
I was surprised and I told my boyfriend about it he said I should first calm down I know why he added me. 
To cut everything short he proposed to me telling me how my boyfriend was so proud of me and he cant resist the good qualities my boyfriend listed to him that I had, telling me how he was richer and more successful than my boyfriend and why should I even want to settle with one who cant afford me giving birth abroad etc that he was successful but cries all night because good girls hardly come his way.. 
I turned him down telling him I love my boyfriend. Ever since I did that he has stopped everything he promised and that got my boyfriend devastated, I wanted to block him on my whatsapp my boyfriend said I should not that it will make the guy feel bad and I should not insult him that I should play cool. But now the guy wont give up telling me that God used my boyfriend to make him meet his wife and he wont give up. 
My boyfriend cried and begged me never to fail him of which am to planning to do and at the same time don't want me to hurt the other guy because of his aspirations. 
Right now the guy is not talking to my boyfriend anymore saying he doesn't wanna let go of me. I love my boyfriend and have prayed for him to encounter this opportunity. . 
Now the opportunity is here but everything is seemed as if am the one taken it away. And I have begged the guy that I will help him get a good girl for marriage but he shouldn't relent in his promise to my boyfriend. 
He said I should accept him and get another for my boyfriend that he swear to help my boyfriend to whatever extent he can so far it will make me happy. 
I don't even have an atom of love for him because he was not even my ideal man. 
I love my friend and want the best for him but don't know how to help and anytime my boyfriend sees his call or message in my phone he will be so mad at me but still don't want me to abuse him and make him to stop. 
My boyfriend have moved on and still shows me endless love but sometimes make me feel I took away his dream and I do feel same. 
Please aunty how do I fix this??????????.(the guy haven't given up). 
Sorry for the lengthy write up.

Dear sender,
It's either that you stand with your boyfriend or you leave both of them. Considering the offer of his boss will only portray you as a loose lady and a lady with poor attitude.
What I'm finding difficult to understand is why your partner feels a bit relaxed with the whole thing.
At a point I felt that it may be a set up or something of that nature but it may not be considering the attitude of your partner at his messages and his interest in wealth.
But whatever it may be, please do well to talk with your partner telling him your decision on the this.
If he's too cold to protect you or chooses not to sacrifice his desire for wealth to be with you, then terminate the relationship and let him be so that you can date someone else of course not his boss.
All the best.

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