Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My parents rejected him!

Good morning Mrs Amara. Thanks for all that you've been doing here and may God increase you in wisdom.
Please I need you to counsel on this issue.
How can you handle a parent that is adamant on accepting a person that proposed to marry me based on tribal differences.
I've prayed concerning this proposal and I'm convinced beyond reasonable doubt that we are meant to be.
Please Ma'am, I need your counsel on how to handle this because I don't want to rebel against my parents.
I understand parental blessing is needed in marriage.
Thanks for your relply.

Dear sender,
Parents are ordinary humans who care so much about the happiness and prosperity of their children.
Sometimes this love pushes them to be a little selfish just so that they can influenceinfluence or somewhat make sure they are not hurt.
The battle of who a child gets married to has been the concern of many parents hence the reason behind most traditional duties.
I had to do a little explanation so that you do not feel that your parents hates you by not approving your choice of partner.
However it doesn't make it right for them to choose who your partner would be in life.
Marriage is for mature minds and any partner who finds comfort in allowing his/her parents to choose who they end up with as partners isn't fit enough to manage the pressures and challenges that comes with marriage.
You need to be firm yet loving in your approach.
Everyone can define happiness and frustration and I am so sure that your parents want you to be happy and not frustrated all because he's not from their tribe.
Discuss this with your mum, then take it down to your dad, remind them of the consequences of pushing you against God's will for your marriage.
Meet elders who they respect and would listen to anytime and implore him/her to talk to your parents on your behalf.
Continue to pray and do not waiver in your decision. The support of your partner is very important here.
Fighting your parents wouldn't give you the best solution so do not consider that path.
All you owe them is understanding, love and respect, continue to press on until they have no option but to agree to your request.
While you press on and continue to explain to them why your happiness matters much more than their fears, please do not relent in praying for your marriage and for God's intervention in this and that he would grant you the very best and not just what you want.
What God ordains would definitely come to fulfilment and fruition no matter what may be the hurdles or challenges that may confront you in the process.

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