Saturday, July 4, 2015

I want separation for sometime

Good afternoon Anuty Amara,God bless and all the Family of AVL for all the lovely works you have been doing.
I have been trying to send my story since morning but my phone pad has been hanging. 
I think God wanted me toward the story of the lady who has been deprived sex from her husband for five horrible years
We do have some similarities because her story be the difference our difference are that i only get sex when i request(that is if he is willing and some time i get ignored.
Nothing like love,attention,affection. He cheats alot and have kids outside our marriage. 
we are blessed with four kids,two boys& two girls in our nine years of marriage. 
I have cried,pleaded,shouted and was ready for the worst but nothing has changed.
He comes home 9,10 till mid nite. I do call to know why he was late(cos most times he don't call to let us know his whereabouts. 
So i stopped calling for two years now but am dying slowly in my marriage. 
I believe the only thing i gained from this marriage are my kids. Am a graduate but no working and we live outside Nigeria.
Everybody around him knows his bad habits. 
I have lost the value of marriage and just want SEPARATION for sometime but he said he doesn't have airway fees for I and my kids. 
Am dying gradually and wants to leave now before i do sometime i will regret later. 
please brothers and sisters,am i wrong in asking for space?

Dear sender,
When you find yourself in a difficult circumstances, do not be in a haste to make decisions. Do take some time to evaluate your environment, cost, and consequences of any action or decision you may take so that you don't look back someday and wish otherwise.
In as much as you wish for a separation, have you thought about how you would cater for your children and yourself?
Would you feel bad should he move in with another lady? 
Are you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually prepared for the challenges and unfavourable experiences that this would bring to you?
Count your cost and weigh your options before taking the necessary steps.
Talk to God about it let him know what you wish to do.
It is wicked and evil for your husband to reduce you to an inanimate object but please take your time, talk things through with him.
There is a glimpse of hope in your marriage and I pray that God will give you the wisdom, and Maturity of heart to manage this and bring out the best in your home and in your children.
It's well with you and your family.

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  1. Dear poster, only GOD knows why run to him cry loud pray and he will answer you. #Ella


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