Friday, July 3, 2015

My husband wants me to abort.
my husband wants me to have an abortion...
He says he's not ready for a second child our first child is almost 4...
I have had several abortions even before we got married and after our first child , am really scared cos something tells me this may be my last opportunity....
He's been keeping malice with me since I told him am keeping this one...
He said I should keep it for my self, the money isn't the problem cos I have an income....but I sure need the support of my hubby, am confused. 
It's giving me sleepless nights . am even ashamed to confide in anyone cos it's Unheard of thats why I decided to come here....

Dear sender,
I bless heaven for the rare privilege to encourage you to preserve that precious and innocent seed of the Almighty God.
You won't be the first lady whose husband never supported to keep their baby.
Most times its those babies they rejected that turn out to become the very best of all.
If your husband was keen on not having a baby now, you and him would have discussed the appropriate family planning program to adopt but to ask you to abort? Dear wife it is not feasible considering the risks associated with abortion.
Spiritually it is not please unto God.
The life of that precious seed growing in your womb belongs to God so while you have right over your body you do not have same over the baby.
Please I would encourage you not to be worried or confused about this, heaven is averting a tragedy on your behalf, please do not heed to the counsel of your husband.
I pray for the grace and wisdom to manage this and preserve your baby.


  1. If this is your 5th or 7th child that he's asking you to abort, it would've been a little easy to digest, but this is quite strange to me, having two children is not much, I think you need to reevaluate the man you married, cos something is amiss...My candid advice is: No matter what happens, don't abort the baby, even if it will cost you, your marriage, but if it didn't, please go for family planning after having this one, so you won't fall pregnant again. #enoughsaid

  2. Why are you surprised? If you had been aborting for him before you guys got married,why are you now surprised? You allowed the standard to be lowered,so it's already a part of his value-system,an entrenched way of responding to issues,and maybe even to you. Are we sure this is the only 'abnormal request' he has been making of you???? Are we sureeee?? This kind of value-system is capable of doing many 'bad bad things'. The truth is: You married a damaged product. Hope unmarried ladies learn from you!

    You should follow your husband when he is on the right path,but not when he is on the wrong path. Do the right thing - keep your baby,keep your life. Did I hear someone say abort a baby after 4 years of trying? God punish devil. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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