Friday, July 3, 2015

Everything fell down flat.

Good morning aunty Amara please I need your help and that of your fans, am 35 years while my husband is 43, my husband started recently to have weak erection,from first time it I'll stand, when I begin to enjoy it everything will fall down flat.
How do we tackle this problem? 
He said he is even surprised. Please let me know when you post this.

Dear sender,
What he is experiencing isn't strange, its only a sign that the firing head cannot fire as it used to.
Its as a result of his advancement in age and possibly some change in his diet.
To help him, if possible, do not prepare any fries or cholesterol meal for him.
Garnish his meal with a lot of vegetables and vitamins and also Gd fruits.

If his weight is on the high side, then he can also work out to keep in shape.
Some healthy natural supplements can also do the magic like garlic, ginger and moringa seed.
This is the period when foreplay takes centre stage of the event.
Spend more time cuddling, and giving each other the treat that is customized to suit your needs at your own comfort.
I also hope that he doesn't have any health challenges like being hypertensive cos it will also hinder his performance.
If he is healthy, then give him a healthy meals.
Subtract fries and add fruits, no more chicken but more of low cholesterol and low fat meal and of course you would have taken the best steps to spark the engine to full performance, at your own satisfaction I must add.
So do not be worried only give him reasons to believe that he's still the man you chose for life and he would always make you smile with gratitude.


  1. Four things to do: (1) Make sure he eats balanced diets, and he should slow down on fried things or stop it completely, including sugar intake. (2) Increase your intimacy level with him, make sure there is adequate foreplay before the real action. (3) He should see the doctor to check if there is any STI in his system. (4) If he has been taking stimulants to enhance his sexual drive during his youth, this could be the result, because taking viagra, energy drinks, hots, herbs etc to last longer in bed has after effects, especially at his current age...Natural strength is always the best. #enoughsaid

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