Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm afraid with pregnancy test.

Good morning Ma. How are you and your Blessed family? 
Ma please I really need your Advice on this situation. 

I am married and I just gave birth 31st of of December 2014. And it was through operation due to the problems I was having then. 
My baby was ten months plus in the belly. I was having so many attacks and all that. 
So my hubby suggested we should do operation for the safety of me and the baby. So the doctor said it would be two years before I will be pregnant again. 
If not if I get pregnant that it will be operation again. 
Ma I am afraid now that I am pregnant. I just tested it and confirmed that I am pregnant. (With pregnancy test) I am afraid ma. 
What will I do please I am so scared. Thank You.

Dear sender,
I understand that you are worried about what your Doctor said.
I do respect the views and opinions of Doctors because they are the instruments God have sent to help us remain in good health and wellness at all times.
However, their verdict isn't final and as such you cannot make conclusions when you haven't heard from God.
Miracles do happen and that you are going to deliver through caesarian section isn't a curse on your life.
What matters most is that both you and your baby are in good health after delivery.
Please be positive and eat healthy food. Do not consume so much fat rather eat more fruits and vegetables.
Exercise as much as you can and do not forget to always go for your ante-natal so that your Doctor will examine your baby and your body.
Always make positive declarations over your baby and yourself and do not feed your mind with fears rather meditate on God's promises to you.
Always remember, pregnancy is not a disease and you are blessed amongst women.
I pray that your delivery shall be with no complications, and safe.
It's well with you dear.

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  1. I watched a programme on Tele where a doc explained dat even when u delivered through CS, dat after 3months, u re gud to go, even to conceive, so take care of urself and baby in ur womb, whether u delivered again through CS or not doesn't make any difference so far mother and child re ok.


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