Sunday, July 26, 2015

None of them is supporting me!

Aunty Amara, you are a blessing to this generation, God bless you and keep the flag flying.
I am a lady, single and will soon clock 37 years. My problem is not that suitors are not coming, but anyone I love, and ready to accept his proposal, the marriage will just shatter, it has been like that for more than fifteen years now, I have been praying and fasting, and still waiting for God to have mercy on me.
The issue at hand now is that, there is a guy that has been asking for my hands in marriage since two years now, my dad was aware when he was alive, but he said no cos; 
1. He had nothing doing then (although he is trying to start up something now).
2. His dad was killed when he was dragging land with some people, this people might still be against his children including my suitor.
3. My grandpa divorced my step grandma who was later married to the grandpa of this my suitor, my dad argued that since my grandpa divorced her, I should not marry her grandchild.
My dad is late now, and my family members keep on reminding me what my dad said, and none of them is supporting me to marry him. 
Please help me with your advice. God bless you!

Dear sender,
Even if your grandpa divorced your step grandma, I still do not know how that would be a hinderance to your getting married to him.
I feel that at your age,you should know better what you  need in a partner and relationship. 
You should know that for the fact that his father did something doesn't mean that he would repeat the same. 
You should know what makes you happy and go for it instead of listening to those who doesn't have any partner for you nor do they care of your happiness in life. 
The decision is totally yours to make. 
If you feel that he's not the best for you, please don't worry about getting married to him and pray that God would bless you with your own husband. 
All the best.  


  1. This is quite complicated, my advice is that you should do a research about cultural effects or consequences that could emanate from marrying this suitor whom your grandpa divorced his grandma...Every ethnic group or village has their cultural beliefs and practices that if care is not taken will cause havoc...You can also call on God to intervene in the matter, my point is that you have to confirm that you won't encounter any spiritual problems in the marriage before going any further. #enoughsaid

  2. Dear,sorry for what you have been through,and are going through. A problem,primarily created by Ignorance,CANNOT be solved by prayer and fasting alone. And,if you should pray,your prayer should be for WISDOM and to be led to the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE,TEACHERS/MENTORS. Our external world,is usually a reflection of our internal world - our values,beliefs,mindset,mentality,dominant thoughts,imaginations,etc. Until these are CORRECTED,there is no much positive change on the outside that will last. If you don't know Jesus,go and know Him. And,if you already know Him,then go and behold Him afresh. Your problems have been nailed to His cross - you shouldn't be having them. Go and get books,mp3s,videos,articles,etc. by Joseph Prince,Pastor Bankie, Myles Munroe,Pastor Chris,Kingsley Okonkwo,etc. and binge exclusively on them for say,the next 3-6 months(go for mainly messages about Jesus,His Cross,and His Grace). Make it a habit. As you behold Him,a new you will emerge,you will gain clarity of vision,and wisdom to make the right choices,a lot of the opposition you are facing currently,will dissolve on their own with you lifting a finger, you will be anointed afresh with favour and grace,and wisdom. Those are what you need. Grace! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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  3. Which kind story b dis dat 1? @ 37? My dear follow ur heart biko!

  4. Go and do court marriage and damn everyone,when ur family is tired and ready he can now pay ur bride price #MyHonestOpinion

  5. Go and do court marriage and damn everyone,when ur family is tired and ready he can now pay ur bride price #MyHonestOpinion


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