Sunday, July 26, 2015

I don't last up to two minutes.

I and my wife don't enjoy sex at all and from my understanding, sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners.
I don't last up to two minutes and I always leave my wife hanging and I don't really like this.
Am always disappointed and I see the disappointment written all over her too.
My wife is a very good woman, so wonderful to be with and with a good heart. It give me concern that I don't satisfy my pretty woman.
We got married last year and have no children yet. I don't know what is wrong with me.
Years before now I used to go three to four rounds and will still be ever ready for action but the case is different now.
I don't really understand again and that's why I said I NEED HELP.

Dear sender,
God made sex with the intention for you to enjoy the beauty of intimacy and companionship of your wife.
So when you struggle with finding the right rhythm with your wife, it can put strain in your marriage and make your wife worry about a lot of things.
First of all, you need to stop having sex to get children and begin to make love with your wife.
Sex doesn't give children, God does so do not infuse fear, worries and anxiety in your system all because your wife isn't pregnant yet.
If you take alcohol or you smoke or you take too much sugary food or drinks or too much fries, please cut down on them as they may make you to under-perform when you meet your wife.
If you are doing a strenuous work or you do not have enough time to rest, it may affect your output when you meet with your wife.
Eat more fruits and vegetables and if you can, chew garlic, ginger,fresh white Onion and moringa (in small quantity for moringa).
They detoxify the system and serves as a body cleanser.
It also boost the blood flow to your instrument which helps you achieve erection faster.
Then take your time to make love with your wife.
Communicating with your wife during love making is very very important than having four rounds.
Connect with her body, do not rush into her jet, but take your time to appreciate her body as she desires (ten to fifteen minutes would do).
Ask for directions and be patient with her if she's not getting the signals as you desire.
Allow her to gently play with your table tennis and the tip of your iceberg.
I'm certain that your bones will wake up for good session.
Like I said earlier, what counts isn't the number of rounds you ran but how happy and excited she was with you.
There's no need to be faster if she feels frustrated afterwards. Experiment with positions that give you greater penetration.
It must not be missionary every day, try something new and exciting and when you are done, cuddle with her and find out how she felt. Listen to her and know what she crave for more.
If you want to make her as happy as you desire, you may lick her up and pamper her body like your precious baby.
Don't live in past glory of how great you performed instead let your desire be to connect with her soul and body.
Enjoy your moments of love making and leave children to God who gives to those who believe in him.
You and your wife may visit your family doctor to examine your system and hers to overrule anything that may be hindering your wife from conceiving for you.
Hold hands together with your wife and trust in God who is faithful.
Pressure is never good for love making no matter the reasons for that.
Please celebrate your wife with explosive love making and give her reasons to consider preparing pounded yam and afang soup for you.
All the best dear.


  1. Hahahaha which one is "table tennis"😁

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