Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I'm tempted to tell his wife.

Good day ma, am a single lady and my ex is asking my friends out, we met last year September and started dating but I had a relationship before him he forced me out of it, any time we are together i don't have a phone again he checks my phone reads my emails, messages beats me anytime he sees me chatting with a guy but I still remained with him.
December period he travelled to his village and got married to another woman I saw pictures on Facebook I cried and didn't ask him after ten days he called me to tell me to go to his house and clean it but I refused and he started shouting at me calling me all sorts of names then I sent him the pictures I saw on Facebook and he said he can explain that all he had in mind was to use and dump me he never knew he would come to love me.
I told him to just forget about me but he said he can't I changed my lines and just two weeks ago a friend called me to ask if I knew some one by the name R**** and I said yes, that he is the beast I dated so today another friend of mine called me to ask if I know him and I told her yes she said he was painting me black and blue immediately he saw my picture on her profile that he has my nudes pictures and he has been showing his friends and they all want to me.
Ma please advice me on how to go with this matter because am tempted to tell his wife but I don't want them to have issues because of me

Dear sender,
No matter what he does to get back to you, always remember that he would always be behind you and can never get at you unless you give him the privilege to do so.
If I may suggest, erase his history from your mind and simply forget about him.
If you aren't good enough for a wife, please do not present yourself as though you are missing him.
If he feels happy exposing your pictures to his friends, good and fine,leave that to posterity and learn from this never to pose nude for any man even if you are a model.
He will soon get tired of the drama but don't give him the room to even communicate with you.


  1. Gbam! Nothing else to add. But,am I forgetting something.......?

  2. Best advice from aunty Amara

  3. Hello! This is the part where you live your life forgetting the past and whoever wants to bring back ugly memories. Since the man isn't ready to respect his age, you can always let him fool around because it's only hopeless boys that go about with photos of naked women on their phones/devices, so just let him keep parading about with those photos, one day a sensible friend of his (if any) will advice him better. Please you really need to know what you want in this life, you made us understand you were in a relationship before he dragged you out of it. Always stick to whom you feel you're comfortable being around and one mistake you should always avoid is posing nude for a snapshot.

    Sorry to say but even your husband "might" not have any reason to have your nudes stored on his phone, so I see no reason why you should be so submissive to a boyfriend to the extent of posing nude. You ought to know that those kind of photos are never safe/private.

    Anyways, what has happened can't be undone, so all you should do is pull yourself together, move ahead and step up your game. You own your life and shouldn't give anyone the chance to dictate your happiness and freedom.

    God bless your next step.

  4. Nude picture? ??? How do you explain that to your family and future husband. Ladies please stop sending your nude pictures to anyone.


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