Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is quitting the best option?

Helo ma, good evening. 
Please ma I really need you to post this for me.
I am a postgraduate student, in fact I am almost through with my program, I am in my mid twenties. I have an excellent results both Bsc and Msc, recently I got a little job which is not befitting for my qualifications but I choose to go for it until I go for my external defence. 
But the person I work for is so difficult, to cut the story, there was a day she was leaving the office, it was on Saturday so we couldn't go to bank to make deposit, so she stood and watch I and my colleague count the money, after counting, she confirmed it's complete only for her to go home, stay all through the weekend and come on Monday morning to tell to recount the money; after recounting, it was found that a huge some is missing from the money she went home with, the painful part of the story is that she deducted the money from our very lean salary respectively, I tried reminding her that the money was complete when we gave her, she threatened me . Am really in pains because I started the job so I can clear off my debt in school before defence but she is really torturing us on daily basis. I don't know if quitting will be the best option as there is no other job for me at the moment. 
Your kind advice please dear friends.

Dear sender,
You desperately need funds and you aren't getting job satisfaction as a result of the poor relationship between you and your boss.
But one truth I must remind you of is until you leave the shade, you will never discern the weather.
What I would suggest you do is to analyse the time you have to clear your debt before the defence and weigh it with how much you are going to make before the defence period.
If your stress/sacrifices isn't worth the amount you could earn with the given period, then you may need to reconsider your options.
The truth is nobody would give you the best decision if not you who is experiencing the challenge but one assurance I must not fail to give to you is "this too shall come to pass"and you shall celebrate at last!
All the best dear.

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