Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is there any possibility he could change?

Please am confused. Am planning to settle down this year. I met hubby to be last year after I had a broken relationship. 
Am 29 and he's 36, what I hate most about my guy is he takes alcohol and keep late nite. We are not in the same state though but we both watch over each other. 
I have been correcting him on this but he doesn't change and its giving me serious headache because I haven't found myself in such relationship before. 
My introduction is next month,am thinking of telling him am no more interested. Is there any possibility he could change? 
Please advice. Thanks aunty Amara notifying me when posted.

Dear sender
Marriage is NEVER an institution where partners change their attitude or personality though marriage has the capacity to influence one to become better than he/she was.
However marriage is an institution where partners gets spiritually, emotionally, socially, financially,psychologically and physically NAKED to each other.
In marriage you do not guess about a partner but you live with him the way you he is.
Can he change? YES!
The real question for you is can you be patient, loving and hopeful till he changes?
Can you endure his excesses and shortcomings until he changes?
If he drinks, then there may be a possibility of flirting with women.
If he keeps late night, he may possibly decide to sleep outside.
All you know of him is all he told you, can you really deal with the ones you may get to know after wedlock?
In as much as you desire to get married and I'm happy someone desires to settle down with you, please do not mortgage your happiness all because you want to bear a "MRS" tag.
Sincerely, you may never be happy with yourself should you marry a wrong partner.
Take some time to meditate, pray and then weigh your options.
Be true to yourself and do not impress anyone.
Know what you can cope with and what you cannot endure.
Let him know your decision at the end.
Your happiness is worth much more than the happiness of your family and friends.


  1. It's simple...if you do not like what you see in your man and you feel you cannot cope with it in marriage....kindly take a walk..
    Do not commit yourself hoping that your partner will change in marriage...It doesn't work that's risky

  2. Marriage is not for changing people; it is for CHANGED PEOPLE. If you are not comfortable with the way he is,.....please,take a walk! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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