Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Should I forget my child for now?

Good morning aunt Amara. Thanks for your good work that you have been doing to save marriages and relationships. 
please ma am the same girl that posted many messages that you did not publish. I need your advice. 
I got pregnant at the age of 20 out of wedlock but was taking away from me so that i could go back to school. Ever since i gave birth to my child, I have never set my eyes on him. 
My problem now is that each time i call him and tell him that i want see my child he will look for one or two excuses to cover up the issue. I realy want to see my child but the man is declining and is really affecting my health. 
Advice me on what to do. Am planning to take my post Utme exams this year. 
Should i go on with my studies and forget about the my child for now or should i go on with looking for my child. Should i sue the man to court. Please ma save a dying soul. 
Help me post this and notify me when posted. my heart is bitter.

Dear sender,
As a mother, you have a right to see your child irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the conception of the child.
I want to believe that the man has a family and roots just as you do.
Go with your family member and demand for the well-being of your child.
It is not what you do by making phone calls. You have to go wherever he is living and demand to know the whereabout of your son.
Should he refuse to grant you access to your child, then you will have to proceed to the welfare department of the Nigeria Police and report him to them.
You may not be able to handle court bills so there would literally be no need for you to take such route.
Sort out where your child is so that you can concentrate on your exams when you are ready to take them.
All the best.

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  1. Why not,you have every right to see your son. Why is he refusing are you sure everything is alright are you sure he is not playing games with you are you sure he there is nothing he is hiding from you? Fellow the advice of Amara that is the best you can do for now. #Ella


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