Friday, July 24, 2015

I've decided not to date any girl!

Good morning  ma...
Am a guy of (22) i know am handsome,but my problem is that i will see a girl that i love,
I Will approach her, she will accept me... I will provide all her needs... anything she asked of i will give it to her...after sometimes she will stop coming to my place,the next think she will tell me is that it is over between us...
ma this have occured three times in my relationship... 
Now i have decided not to date any girl in this life till i get married... 
so ma i dont know if i made the right decision...

Dear sender,
I know how frustrating and painful this experience would have been for you.
Relationship is not about providing all that a lady need but it also includes understanding what you need as a man and who she is beyond her beautiful face and gorgeous body.
Any lady whose interest is in your pocket and what you can provide for her, then you may be hanging out with the wrong kind of a lady.
Instead of always meeting a lady, asking her out and then provide her need only for her to call to say it's over, I would rather suggest that you focus on making friends with the lady and get to know who she is, before letting her know what you feel for her.
Use this time to develop yourself, learn a skill that will fetch some money for you later in life.
If you are in school ,focus on your studies and graduate with a good grades so that you can provide all you need and also be a man of honour to your family and the world.
Do not be discouraged by the attitude of some ladies, God will give you a lady that will appreciate you for who you are and not for what you have.
All the best.

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  1. What exactly did you provide for these girls that couldn't make them to be loyal to you, did you buy Brazilian hair, latest smart phones, did you take them shopping to a high-end boutique, did you buy them cars, paid house rent, school fees, took them to a romantic trip to Paris, Bahamas etc? If you didn't do any of these, that means you only spent recharge card money...So my advice is that you should sit down and think about where you want to be or what you want to achieve in the next 5 years and start working towards it...When you have money you will no longer beg girls to date you, the only time you will struggle to find a girl is when you're ready to get married, cos at that point you're searching for a wife not a sex mate or a fling. #enoughsaid


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