Friday, July 24, 2015

The power of Praise

There is more power in praise than in prayer. When you pray, the highest God does is send the archangel. But when you praise...when you praise...heavens, God Himself moves on your behalf. Don't break your rhythm of praise to the Lord for anybody. No matter what you hear said about yourself, no matter how people may look at you, no matter what happens, keep your praise going. Ever seen a true worshipper? We pay so much attention to prayer without realizing that there is power in praise. Mr. Devil knows because he was in charge of that powerful ministry before his fall and so he fights to be sure we don't discover the power in praise and worship. 

In the story of the infirm woman, the woman's deliverance infuriated the ruler of the synagogue(Luke 13:11-14).This church man even spoke out against her miracle.This could happen to you.People may not like your deliverance, either. But it doesn't matter if some folks don't speak to you anymore, or don't come to see you anymore, or don't seem to understand you, or don't call you. You have been loosed by God and that gives you the right to stand straight and praise Him.

In the words of T.D. Jakes, 
This is the way it works: While you are praising the Lord, He is fighting your battle in the heavenlies. He is dealing with the enemy of your soul. He is pulverizing the demonic powers that sought to oppress you and bind you and keep you from His blessings.

Your praise isn't just an expression of joy; it is actual warfare in the spirit realm. While you are praising God-swoop! The angels of the Lord are stopping the adversary in his tracks.The angels of the Lord are scattering your enemies! God's angels do encamp around us when we reverence and fear the Lord.

Do you sometimes find yourself singing and rejoicing as you drive? You get to that point where you feel the presence of a second person? Yes, you are never alone when praise and adore Him because He comes down in His splendour.
Never pay attention to anybody's criticism of your deliverance. Don't listen to their protests, their murmuring, their gossip, or their attempts to rationalize what God has done in your life.They are talking and hitting their heads on the wall when you are just at the starting point of your miracle.

Okay, you have been promoted in that office and  they are all asking why it should be you; some are even saying it is because you are the chairman's girlfriend,  don't worry, you will become the general manager someday. They are mad because you just got married and now you are carrying your baby; they haven't seen anything yet because your children shall surround your table like the olive branches.They are wondering why no one comes for them while you, a widow with children is left with several choices; it's about God's love and mercy. They laughed and mocked you when they heard about your marriage hitting the rocks, but before they could finish laughing, God shows up and gives you a new and better life. They celebrated when your boss who you served for years sent you away and unjustly accused you of stealing from him; God saw it all and now, you are your own boss. They were happy when you lost that job, but all of a sudden, you got something better by appointment; you didn't apply for it..Just keep praising Him. Keep loving people and never allow the 'spirit of David' to die in you. 

Don't let them hurt your feelings or inhibit you. Sometimes you just have to praise God in the midst of background noise! My sister, my brother, whatever you do in this life, don't break your rhythm of praise..

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