Friday, July 24, 2015

Does normal food cause weak erection?

Good day aunty/fan and God bless you all, i was in a midst where some people were saying that chilled water,indomie,using excess sugar, groundnut oil, achi, and anything contain much oil etc is not good for married people because it causes weak erection or not being active when you are with a woman .
Please if it's true how do we cope with it since they are things some of us can't do without.

Dear sender,
In as much as excessive consumption of fatty food and sugar has a higher potential of making a man not to be effective in his place of duty, it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot eat those meal.
It only meant that you need to watch the quantity that you consume and the time of consumption to help you invest in your generation.
You are free to eat your food and enjoy your water whether chilled or hot however it is advised that you take more of fruits, vegetables and vitamins,
Spices like ginger, garlic, white onions and moringa would greatly make your wife prepare better meal for you each time you have communion with her.

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