Friday, July 24, 2015

The love I had for him failed to resurrect.

Good day ma....
Am a 24 years old girl,a graduate.....
The first time I went to write an aptitude test,I was assisted by one of my town's guy through the help of my dad in locating my exam centre because the guy was a student there
After the post ume we exchanged numbers so that I can get info of my admission status.....
When I came back to Abuja,I did call him to know how far...along the line I started liking him,but he never asked me out and I never told him how I felt because I was just 17 and felt it was mere fantasy.
When I discovered I didn't get the admission,after sometimes I deleted his number and we lost contact.....
I later got admission the following year in one of the eastern universities, years passed,we didn't talk neither did he even cross my mind,I forgot I once knew him,we only met once in the village and said just hi......
In my 4th year I received a Face book in box asking if am so so so person I said yes but don't know you,the person asked for my number and I gave him after knowing he is from my home town....and he called,it happened to be the same guy...
After talking,the likeness I used to have resurfaced,we booked a date,he came down to Abuja to see me,we talked,and he told me he liked me and wanted a relationship that will lead to marriage,I agreed immediately because I already liked him....
I got home that day and told my mum about him,she immediately told me that his family was an outcast(OSU) instantly the love I had for him died......
I stopped picking his calls,even if I do I talked harshly so he could go,yet he refused,I insulted him at every slight opportunity yet he would still say sorry.....
This went on for sometime, then I prayed asking for a sign to show if we were perfect and the sign came to pass...
After my final exams I went to my grand mum and explained of which she promised to investigate, after the investigation it happened that his family were not Osu ,I told my mum and she said its true that she just figured it out......
The problem now is that the love I used to have for this guy can't come back........
No matter the good things he does,I don't have a soft spot for him,but I remained in the relationship pretending to love him...
Though I like him because he is caring and never gets offended with my actions,always saying sorry even when am at fault,buys me anything I want,even though i denied him sex......
He is very serious and is talking about coming to see my people....
Am confused and don't know what to do.....
Please I need your advice....
You can insult me so long as I get what I want.

Dear sender,
Relationship is not always about getting what you want, it also includes preparing your heart to help your partner become a better person.
If deep down your heart, you knew that you were not attracted to him and you were convinced that you never loved him, I feel that it was insensitive, selfish and wicked for you to have pretended that you loved him.
You loved all he gave to you but you never loved him.
I wouldn't encourage you to get married to him because you may be miserable with him.
Let him know the truth and let him be.
He committed no crime loving you and I feel that he deserve a lady who is humble, considerate, honest and selfless as a wife.
Do not pretend to love him, it may never work out in the end.
Since the feeling is dead, please let him go so that he can find fulfilment and happiness in life.
When you meet the man that you truly love, I believe that your feelings would be resurrected for him.
All the best.


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