Friday, July 24, 2015

I don't love him at all!

Aunty Amara God bless you, I'm here again please help me post this.
This guy has been disturbing me for marriage, I regretted the day i gave him my number... 
Sometimes I taught of giving him the chance, I don't have any iota of love for this guy but don't get me wrong he is very caring, gentle He doesn't dress well.. 
He couldn't even speak good English.. many a times i correct him but he remain adamant, and the worst of all is that he doesn't have a good sense of communication.. 
Most times I bring up ideas on what to do and I keep wondering the kind of family we will make.. 
I even boldly told him that I really Love the bad guys cos they know what to do at the right time and I love when the man is in charge and not the woman still yet he remained the same. 
There was a time i rendered curse on him not to call me again cos seriously I was ashamed of him but He called the next day asking me how i was like nothing happened.
Now the worst of all he went to meet my pastor and she told him that, If he was chasing me with one leg before that he should pursue me with two legs that I'm the one for him that he shouldn't let me go and congratulated him. 
Now the problem is I DON'T LOVE THIS GUY AT ALL, And I'm really scared at same time cos i don't want to be in the group of had-i-known (Late marriage) 
How can we make a good home with this sense of communicating skills.. 
Less i forgot he offered me a ring already.. 
I told him I'll think about it, Please advise me

Dear sender,
As I read your mail, I almost thought that you were talking about an object and not a man.
Sometimes what God blesses us with looks very irritating and horrifying. They make us regret why we believed God in the beginning.
I am not saying that your desires and wants were wrong or should be totally ignored but I am suggesting that we don't just make conclusion without communicating with God who knows really what you need much more than you think you do.
In all the flaws that you listed, none is irreparable,nor incorrigible.
Most handsome men and well mannered men that you know are the result of the influence of ladies who invested their time and patience to help them become better individuals.
All this young man lacks is exposure and any patient, wise and discernible lady would cease the opportunity to recreate the kind of man that she desire in him.
She will encourage, support, educate and help him in his areas of shortcomings knowing so well that he may be a raw gold that will shine brighter and brighter with every refining.
I know that he's irritating at the moment but what I cannot tell you is who this man will be tomorrow and sadly I can't tell whether you will regret or rejoice when that time comes.
Please do not put a full stop if you haven't heard from God and if you are convinced that he cannot be the one, please do not delay him by holding unto him.
Pray dear sister, seek God's face on this. Humble yourself and please do not be in a haste to make conclusion.
In the end, you would know what's best for you to do.
God's grace.


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    1. I don't love him at all. It's my opinion that you nor any other woman has the responsibility to teach this young man how to treat women. What this young man is lacking in etiquette, especially on how to treat women, he should have learned from his parents. At this stage of this young man's life, it is my honest opinion, he should seek the help of another man like a good friend or a his pastor. Please dear seek Gods will as you move forward with your life. My Gods will be done. If this young man is to remain in your life so be it. May God Bless you.


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