Friday, July 24, 2015

He prefers computer to seeking for job.

Good day ma,thanks for your motherly advice given to people on this platform.
Am a lady of 29 years old,gave birth some months ago to a guy that does not have a job,he is a graduate from the same university,two years ahead of me but he is not working.
After the birth of our baby boy,he put me up with his mother in a room out of 3-bedroom that his elder brother shares with his family.
Am not comfortable but don't want to go home and tell my parents.
He prefers pressing computer than seeking for job,he said he is working on how to get our own apartment but I don't know how soon it will be.
I don't know what to do,kindly advice ma.

Dear sender,
I know how difficult it may have been taking care of your baby with a bare hand. 
It is rather too late to regret and worry about his present status, I feel that the most important is how to cater for your baby and your own health.
No matter what you feel your parents may say or do, I am of the opinion that you let them know about your baby.
They won't reject you nor watch you live as though you have no root.
Talk to your mum about your friend and your baby.
She would be in the best position to talk to your dad so that they will bring you home for the sake of your baby.
Please enrol for a skill acquisition program so that you can provide the need of your baby.
When the man is not capable and the lady decides to take the huge risk of sleeping with him, she should always bear in mind that the landing may not be as sweet as the romance.
I believe that the God who gave you your precious son will provide all that you need to train him.
All the best.

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