Friday, July 24, 2015

Nursing my baby; pregnant with another.

Good afternoon to you madam Amara and to your fans too. 
Am so embarrassed writing this but i really need the advice. 
Am a new mum and my little cute boy will be four months by next week and am two weeks pregnant again,I have been crying ever since i found out. I really don't know what to do, I have been mad at my loving husband since then and all he does is keep saying he's sorry,that its all God's plans and that our second blessing doesn't want to waste time before coming. 
Am so so pissed at him and everything around me except of course my baby. Am so embarrassed to even tell my mummy about it,as much as i love babies,i didn't dream of having them this way, I have always dreamt and believed in giving at least two years space before having another child. 
I feel for my baby though,i was doing exclusive for him before I took in but i stopped since then and am so sad about it cos he was doing well with the exclusive. 
I also heard that whenever one becomes pregnant shortly after giving birth that the baby she's nursing will start being sick more often,my baby has not fallen sick since i gave birth to him and i really can't bear to see him fall sick now. 
I noticed am always angry about everything and i really don't want it to affect my baby. My best friend that i confided in urged me to abort the baby,though i know its a bad idea but I would be lying if i say i haven't considered it. 
Please i really need your advice and I'll be grateful if insults will be minimised cos as it is now i have so much going on in my head,I know that my issue is quite embarrassing but i can assure you all that it was a mistake,i never wanted it to be this way. 
Am so sorry for the long write up. Thank you madam and God bless you all as you give your advice which is really needed.

Dear sender, 
I didn't see anything embarrassing about making love with your husband nor did I feel that it's a taboo to become pregnant almost immediately after putting to bed.
This happened because of poor family planning method that you adopted and that was what lead to your conceiving another baby while nursing your baby.
Abortion wouldn't be in your best interest. 
All i would suggest that you do is to work closely with your gynaecologist so that he/she would guide you on how best to take care of your baby and yourself. 
While it is a lot better to feed your baby on an exclusive breast feeding, it doesn't mean that when you don't, the baby will automatically become sick.
You can introduce good infant milk to him and he would be awesome as you desired him to be.
You may also introduce semolina for babies, pap and other healthy supplements for him. Please it is highly recommended that you work hand in hand with your doctor so as to achieve the best results. 
Please I would suggest that you discuss family planning options available for you and your husband so that you do not find yourself in a challenge like this.


  1. I really don't understand why you're angry with your husband, as if you both didn't consent to having sex without a family planning in place or even using a condom...both of you made the mistake, so it is better you calm down and discuss with your husband on the best thing to do about the situation, I cannot advise you to abort the baby, that's why I said you should calm down and put heads together with your husband, whatever decision both of you come up with is better than what the public will say, cos both of you are the ones wearing the shoes. #enoughsaid

  2. my Sister, i dont understand why you think its embarrassing.
    Do you know that it is better you have your kids on time to avoid age problem although this was rather too early but nevertheless it is okay. Please be calm nothing has gone wrong, as advised make the gyny your best friend now, abortion is not the way to go. What if you do that now and at the end of the day, you are not able to bear another child, what will you say. Allow it be pls, that's how God wants it. Stay blessed.

  3. Pls don't abort the baby pls God knows y it happened like that, I myself decide to take in when my baby was still 6 month and 3 weeks ago. Thuo people thought that it was a mistake but I discussed with my hubby before taking dear pls allow the baby just meet a good gynecologist to guide u pls.

  4. if this will help, I had a similar situation with my middle and last boys, they were months apart, I took in right after the second child and I felt terrible, my middle son is so attached to me and wouldn't let anybody touch him except myself, likewise your case, I also taught of abortion, but my husband was happy about the development. I was in school then, well I learnt to suck it up and forge ahead. They are 7 and 8 years now and my last boy is the smartest boy in their school. He is smart and he knows it too. They are so handsome that I always regret ever thinking of getting rid of him (the last one). Gods way is not our way, God is a great planner and ever faithful, he will not forsake you. He maketh a way where there is none. He will give you the strength you need.
    Now, when people come over and ask their age, my husband will always say that it's my wife's fault, she wouldn't close her leg. I will always tell him to blame the victim. Don't worry, you will be ok.

  5. There's really no need to be hard on yourself. You may be endangering the lives of your son, ur unborn baby and yourself by doing so. As Amara has advised, immediately consult your Gynae and stick to his/her advice
    With good handling, all of you will be very healthy. This could be a blessing in disguise.
    Unless your doctor says so, pls do not stop breast feeding your son. You should rather get a very good baby's milk and start mixing it for him. You can consider Aptamil or Cow & Gate
    Please stop speaking to friends who can't help your cause but will rather talk you into more trouble
    I bet you, this whole case will turn to a testimony one day. All the best


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