Friday, July 24, 2015

How do i reconcile with him?

Good evening Madam Amara and her amiable fans,I write this for direction and not for condemnation,as I have repented and chastised myself.My pastor and people knew and they gave me the necessary punishment and penance. 
This is one of my regrets in life and the memory hunts me each time I remember it. I knew I made a grave mistake and sinned before God and man. I have fasted and prayed,also went for deliverance.I have also asked for forgiveness.
My sin is that,I had and affair with my friend's wife,he also found out and that has been a serious issue between us that would have lead to my death.
His family and my mine knew about it,I went to church and confessed cause I felt like dying. 
Is a long story which may take time to write. 
The issue is that I really want to reconcile with my friend because what happened was beyond me.I was driven in lust and that caused me a great mistake in my life.I know some may condemn me but like I said,I have repented of my sins because is nothing to be proud of.
Please how do I go about this reconciliation?

Dear sender,
It would be a sin for you not to forgive yourself when God has not only forgiven you but also have forgotten about that incident.
Since you have genuinely repented of your shortcomings and weaknesses, please discuss your intentions with your pastor who already knows about the incident so that he may invite your friend and his wife for reconciliation.
However it may take some time for you to achieve that depending on how your friend responds to your intentions.
You need to stop judging yourself based on people's opinion of you.
Nobody will clap for you for what the devil did using you because it was enough to destroy the home and send the Lady packing.
However nobody is immune to temptation and it takes God's grace for one to overcome such temptations.
Meditate on God's word daily and continue to pray that God would heal and restore the home of your friend.
If possible and within your limit, relocate from your friend's area so that you can refocus your mind on what you need to prosper in life.
You may need to consider getting married so that the devil doesn't torture you emotionally and spirituality as a result of this.
It is well with you and I'm believing God that you shall overcome this phase of your life by his grace and mercy.
All the best.


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  2. Thank God for the salvation of your soul. Moving on, pray fervently before you'd seek audience with your friend and be prepared to be rejected knowing fully that he's human and may require time to heal from the wound. But continually commits his heart to God and in due time, he'd forgive you but first, you need to forgive yourself and pray for the overhauling of the holy spirit for you and your friend's family. It is well


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