Friday, July 24, 2015

My heart is full of tears!

Please house, I need you guys to advice me cos am writing with a heart full of tears!
My hubby just recharged my internet subscription to two days back to enable me finish up what I couldn't do with my phone. 
Reaching yesterday afternoon, I decided to do some things with my PC. Within a short time, I was through with what I was doing and decided to log in to Facebook, so that I can view Amara post with my PC. It was my Hubby's FB account that popped up and the first thing I saw was a name that looked like my ex name. 
I decided to click on it, lo and behold, it was him. I barely opened it, the light went off. I shut my PC down without removing the pages first. 
To cut the story short, my hubby came back from work and decided to use the PC, the first thing he saw was my ex Facebook page as soon as he was on it. Since yesternight, I have been begging him that I didn't mean any harm. 
He bluntly told me to my face that the only way he would forgive me was to be in contact with his Ex so that I would have a test of how it feels to be cheated on. 
This is our 5+ years of marriage with 3 kids, I have never been in contact with my ex and I have never cheated on him and he has not either. 
To me, he's just being unreasonable cos he knew that's the last thing I would do. 
Please I need love and peace in my home again. 
God knows I love my hubby and I know he do too. Note: I have blocked this ex from my own FB account even before I got married to my hubby. thanks all

Dear sender,
He must have been hurt when he saw the picture and he may not understand how the person that you blocked resurfaced on your timeline.
When he's calm and relaxed, do talk to him and explain all you said here to him.
He may not do all he said but needed to caution you so that you wouldn't think that it is cool for you to make your ex part of your marriage.
Everyone is right with their feelings so all you need to do isn't to condemn him for feeling cheated but to reassure him of your love and commitment to his vision.
Apologize and make his heart fond of your love.

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