Thursday, July 23, 2015

He Does Not Respect Me

Aunty Amara,please help me post this as am worried wether I did it right. 

I met him january last year,he is nice, from a good family,and also responsible. I love him so much that friends and siblings were warning me is not good for a lady to express her love like that and its risky for a lady to love a man more. Am 29 he is 35. Just as you wrote,when a man starts humiliating ur emotions its more heartbroken than a physical abuse itself. That's were he is it at fault. He has this pride in him,that he thinks he is the best that has ever happened in my life. We courted for a year thou no sex involved but at a time I needed to know were am heading to,so i asked him when he will be ready to come and see my ppl. His response was that I don't ve to ask him such questions,that I am too forward and desperate. He said it all depends on him to fix a date and then tell me but if am in a haste I should bring my money lets start the arrangement. He use to tell me that am lucky to ve him,that my ppl should be thankful to ve an inlaw like him. I don't demand from him,I call him always likewise him,but sometimes I do expect him to recharge my phone which he reluctantly does. Sometimes he use to tell me that I should be the one to buy his stuffs like clothes and also subscribe his data because that what most women dose. That I dont know how to love. He always has something to correct about me even in public(maybe if someone passes he will say I didn't greet the person well)to the extent i started doubting myself wether if there is anything good in me. He is a good man,his family accepted me but I saw my self worth been betrayed. I decided to walk away thou I told him the reason. His response was he can never beg a woman to come back to him. It's been 5 months now we stopped communicating and he does not care to call back. On several occasions I called him so that we would talk it over, he will tell me that I don't ve to tell him when to come and see my ppl that the decision is entirely his. Thou I love him but I decided to walk away with my self worth still intact. Please was my actions bad? Sorry for the long write up.

My Dear,
It's obvious you are in a wrong relationship. What has kept you this long? It's clear to you; it's on your face that this very guy has no regard for you and your family. What will make you stay or think of getting married to a man who has no regard for your family? Yes, his own family likes you, but my dear, the man you will wake up to see everyday of your life feels nothing for you. It's either he's naturally arrogant with no respect for women or he does not want you in his life.

I feel you should thank God for this deliverance and love yourself enough to embrace the deliverance given to you by God. This said, if there is any area of your life you need to work on, please do that before going into another relationship. Don't let any man marry you out of sympathy.

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