Monday, July 6, 2015

My husband is a chronic cheat!

Good evening ma,happy Sunday to you and all avlite.
please ma I would appreciate it if you would post my story immediately before I Will make a wrong decision.
My story is a little bit long but please ma,don't shorten it.
Am a 23 years old graduate awaiting service while my husband is 35 years old.
I got married to him four years ago as a virgin and God has blessed us with two kids.
A year after our marriage, i discovered that my husband is a chronic cheat. I got to know about this when I paid him a visit unannounced and met two girls in his room.
I asked him about the second girl but his brother covered it up that she was his girlfriend sister but in the middle of the night,I over heard his brother telling him to stay away from him.
I came out and his brother wanted to cover it up,but I told him that there is no need for that, that I heard everything they were discussing.
His brother then told me that,that was the seventh time that my husband made an attempt to sleep with his girlfriends.
I woke up the next day and went to our former house and rest because I was not myself only for me to get there and discover that my husband slept with four of my neighbours(mother, daughter,sister and one married woman).
I came back and asked him and he accepted it and begged and cried that i should forgive him.I wanted to leave, but my mum begged me to stay because I was seven months gone already.
I forgave him and went back to school, thinking that he has stopped not knowing that he was still doing it.
Months later,he bought a car for me (of which he didn't have one) and told me that he was a changed person now.
Note: since i grew up,i haven't slept with any other man.
Two months ago,I invited my younger sister to come help me with house chores after I might have put to bed, only for my sister to tell me the day I delivered that she want to go back.
She told me that my husband has been touching her boobs and private part right from the day she came but she wanted me to put to bed before she would tell me.
hmmmm, Aunty since my sister told me this,I hate my husband, but I always pretend for the Note of my kids.
Note: am very neat,I cook his favourite always, I dress very well all the times,and my house is always neat.
I haven't spoken with any body about what my sister told me because I know my mum will detest him if she hear this.
He takes good care of me and my kids,anything I need,he gives me double.I have been praying and fasting for three years but is like God is not hearing me.
He doesn't discuss anything with me as his wife,and am also suspecting him with my elder sister but i have warned him not to call her again.
Am fed up but i cant take care of two kids now that am not working and my second baby is just a month plus,i cant go out now to look for a job.
Please I need your fans advice on how to handle this
I forgot to add that he is not ready to change, he still stare at women even in my presence.

Dear sender,
It is quite pathetic living with a man that you cannot trust for a second to be faithful to you.
His attitude towards the opposite sex is astonishing that I wonder if he may not abuse his own daughter when he has the opportunity.
But I feel you were aware of his randy attitude but because he could provide all the heavens on earth gifts, you decided to trade the safety, health and the security of your home for good fortunes.
Painfully he doesn't see anything bad about that which was why he could harrass your sister even in your roof.
My major concern would be that of him infecting you with any sexually transmitted diseases he may receive as he goes about chasing the skirts.
You have to be careful and protect your body against such infections.
You need to always communicate your pains to him. You need to discuss about sex and find out what he's looking for that you do not have to offer.
Get some education on how to rock his world and revitalize your bedroom.
I am happy that you look good, and you are neat, please give your husband a holy drive and make him feel deep satisfaction and fulfillment.
Upgrade your room and your inner wears, get some good perfumes that will entice him and be as dirty and as real and as raw and as loyal and as adventurous as possible.
Try something new and something safe and exciting.
Play with the tennis balls and rock his chest as you wish.
Winning this kind of battle require prayers, wisdom and real approach to drawing his heart home before he impregnates another lady.
Don't tell your parents about this, it's a weakness you need to manage and help him overcome.
Thinking of leaving him now will only make you grow old when you should be maximising life.
Take your time and do not relent in your prayers for his restoration.
I am hopeful that you will overcome this by his Grace.


  1. 1. A pig is a pig,no matter how much and how many times you wash it,and how many buckets of perfumes you pour on it,and dress it well. It will still go for dirt. The problem is not you; the problem is with the pig - dirtiness is it's nature; feeding on garbage is it's character. Ladies especially,beware!!! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  2. My heart bleeds reading this. This is the same issue I am going through. I was a virgin and naive so he took advantage of this and married me. we also have 2 kids in 5year marriage. apart from the women outside, he has also tried to rape my cousin and approach my 2 nieces, and the whole world expects me to stay calm and be very sweet. All my dreams of having a romantic marriage full of love is gone cos he does not even say sorry instead, he will lie more about it. My dear, I am trying but I tell you it is not easy to just stay calm and be of best behavior. the poster is lucky that he even provides when in my own case, there is not much money. we are managing. Now I know why girls should marry a rich man. its hell when there is no love and money. My heart bleeds cos I am in this and am trying very hard but I am terribly struggling. Each day I ask God for grace cos I dont know if I can make it to the end. Now I see why married women cheat, I have tried but I cant even cheat on him cos I love God so much. Even my sexual advances and romantic text messages or words are not being reciprocated cos he is too busy. I shed tears uncontrollably even in public.....Its hard...God help us!

    1. women dey suffer ooo, my own be say husband dey pregnant women here and there not that i dont have kids for him and he does not see anything wrong in it. I ve fought and cant solve it with fighting. I ve learn to live, love myself and appreciate my wonderful kids. the only thing that is giving problem is contacting STD from him..because sometimes i do have itching and foul odor in my private part. CHEATING PARTNER KILLS MORE THAN EBOLA. so painful to live with a cheating husband.

  3. This man you described is the defination of a die-hard cheating, no-good anything in skirt chasing he-goat. My advise is that you ensure he uses condoms when sleeping with you so you do not end up with HIV and also, endevour to save all you can so you can walk away when you have enough to cater for you and your kids.

  4. I am a former cheat ( or as the Americans will say 'cheater'. I am 36 and before my marriage to my wife whom, by the way, I met and married as a virgin when she was aged 27, I was to some extent chaste and God fearing. But I opened the door to demons after my marriage by indulging in masturbation. After I married my wife, she travelled back to UK to continue her studies. During this time both of us were starved of sex, but remaines faithful to each other. But a man of God I spoke during this time advised that I could masturbate to ease my sexual urges, provided it was my wife I had in mind while doing it. And so my wife and I started to masturbate and do phone sex. That was exactly when I got the demons in and they filled me with all kinds of sexual vices, especially lust. I remained faithful to my wife throughout the time she was abroad until she graduates and rejoined me in Nigeria. But not long afterwards, I started to notice that I was no longer content with sex with my wife alone. But I had no courage to cheat. But I was daily harassed by the demons of lust. If sat beside a girl in a vehicle, I would be longing for d feel of her body. If the girl's breast brushes my shoulder I would almost nearly come close to an orgasm. I was being tormented. There was a day I sat in a commercial bus beside a very beautiful girl and by accident my shoulder brushed her breast, she started to push her breast even closer and before long we started touching each other. I took her number but as soon as I got down from the bus, I deleted it. I didn't know what was happening to me. I spoke to some trusted pastors about what I was going through, and they prayed for me. Matters came to a head when, last year, my wife got a house help. One night found myself kissing her and it happened. My wife found out and was devastated.
    To cut the long story short, I realised I had been possessed by the demons I opened my doors to when I was masturbating. I knew I need deliverance, and I went for it and have been delivered. But one striking thing about this problem - and this is for those of us calling for the head of this man - is how powerless u find yourself in the face of the relentless attacks these demons of sexual immorality can unleash on u. You do things that shock even u, not to mention those who hear it.
    Demons are not our friends. They aim to destroy us completely. When they come in, they will attack every good things u stand for - integrity, relationship, Christian faith, ur job, everything. This man will not stop unless he is delivered. My own experience related above is sth I hate to remember. I am much more closer to God and that's my only security. This man is powerless to the demons oppressing him. They will destroy his marriage, his career, whatever is left of his goodwill and will eventually destroy him. With what this lady has described, her man is seriously under the oppression of sexual demons and they will never leave him, no matter what effort he or his wife makes in the flesh unless he goes for deliverance. Watch he too, he will it be making real progress financially. He loves his wife. He wishes to stop, to be different, but he can't. Pls tell ur husband to go to MFM or any other good bible-bases deliverance church, for deliverance.

    1. Welldone bro....God is proud of you. You are a rare gem!

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  6. Woww I love your courage.... Yes pls take him to mountain of fire am telling you all will be over by God's a living testimony I can tell you God will do it but he has to go for the deliverance.. Please pray about it so that wit God's help he will be convinced to go for the deliverance CUs it won't be easy telling him to go for deliverance if he is not the church type...may God see you through.


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