Monday, July 6, 2015

Can I lose my hymen and be a virgin?

Good day aunty Amara.........
Am a lady of 25 years. God bless you for your good works.. 
Please, i want to be clarified on an issue bothering me. 
Is it possible for a lady to lose her hymen or virginity without having sex. 
God bless you ma. Please, notify me when posted.

Dear sender,
It is possible for you to break your hymen without any sexual intercourse with a man.
This could be as a result of some strenous exercises like running, cycling or some sorts of athletics that you may engage yourself in that involves the use of legs or laps.
However, when a sex toy has been introduced to the private part, the person is no more a virgin even though she may not have engaged in sexual intercourse.
A virgin by birth is a lady who have not in anyway introduced any object or organ to her body in order to derive pleasure from such act.

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  1. A Virgin is any male/female who has NEVER HAD SEX - be it vaginal,oral,anal,'toy-al',etc. The hymen is only supposed to be a physical symbol,which may or may not be present. Go beyond Virginity; go for Sexual Purity and preserve future!

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